Cancelling crouch jab into Houyokosen : what for?



Hi Chuns experts,

I have a very simple question, hope you guys can give a an accurate answer. I have seen so many times high level players (nuki for instance) cancelling a crouch jab into Houyokosen super. Yes, its fancy, sexy but IMO hard to execute (9 frames to confirm) and not so worthy as options when close to the opponent are available and less risky (close hk, cr. mk, stand mp, back fierce). So my question is, am I missing something? (may be it’s not as hard as I think)


Link for a question about Chun

I think there’s two uses:

1 to guarantee a punish after you parry an attack

2 buffering at a range where it’ll counterpoke certain moves. for instance Chun can crouch jab at a range vs Urien where if he hits low forward she’ll catch the tip and then super.

I don’t think anyone confirms it. Not sure but I think it’s unlikely.


impossible to confirm.

I am great at hit confirming, I can hit confirm Ken’s consistently.

this is impossible.


Igloobob hit the nail on the head i think, i noticed Victor do it after a parry at Gutter Trash and when i see MOV does it it seems to be a counter poke or a situation where he can see his opponent whiff a move


it’s ok, i’ve got a response from Viktor on Facebook. For those who are wondering, actually, it works only after a parry and used especially against players/characters who tend to put an input in the parry freeze (for instance, with ken : hp if parry -> hp srk). Depending on the type of the normal you blocked, you got 2 or 4 frames added to the parry freeze frames. As chun’s cr.lp has a 2 frames startup, it beats any move the opponent could place in the freeze. The execution is easier as I thought, I’ve succeeded in doing it mostly all the time yesterday in training mode. If know how to play chun at least correctly (high accuracy of cr. mk confirm, kara throw, etc) you won’t have difficulties putting this combo. However, I keep thinking that it should be used in very rare cases, probably against experienced players who use and abuse selection option’s parry. But it’s good to know something new, at least for me.