Cancelling normals into specials

How do you do it? I’ve had the game for two days and I find it nigh impossible to cancel normals into special moves. For example cancelling Killer Frost’s 1 1 back2 into her Black Ice slide special.

  1. make sure negative edge is turned off. (when setting controls it’s called “release check”).
  2. input the entire combo at once. don’t wait till the end of the combo to add the super move.
  3. make sure that attack you’re trying to use to cancel into a special actually can cancel. Some attacks cannot cancel into specials.

Why does negative edge make it harder, the general purpose of negative edge is to make using special moves EASIER. I’m not super familiar with MK style input, what makes it so different?

What Cypress said for number 2. You pretty much have to input the special immediately after the normal.
I know for Nightwing you can do 1,1,2,down,forward,2. It would be impossible to connect the down,forward,2 if it wasn’t input immediately after

The difference is that because of things like doing 12 DB3, the game might end up reading it as 12 DB2 instead, because of the negative edge. It can make the wrong specials come out. This game and MK games have a ton of move buffering, so you’re inputting strings quickly ahead of time. Because of that, the negative edge can completely dismantle the combo you’re trying to do by making it do the wrong special attack.

I’d like to know why certain moves seem essentially impossible to cancel into online,
I’ve never, not even once canceled anything into Flash’s cqf1 online yet can do it with a 100% success-rate offline,
doesn’t matter how good a connection I get so I doubt it’s about the lag at this point.
I’ve heard there are other odd moves out that becomes like this online as well,
so what’s up?

If you’re combos aren’t perfectly crisp, then you’ll have alot of problems like this online. No matter how good of a connection you think you have online, there will always be a bit more input lag then you think. All I can really say is to keep practicing, and make sure that you can do the combos with confident, crisp motions and taps. Even then, I drop tons of combos online that I can do offline against friends. It’s just the nature of online play.

Ya I’m barely getting use to it but I see what you guys mean by IMMEDIATELY inputting the special, kinda strict but I can adjust. Although I think most normals can be specialed cancelled some are just near impossible to do in an online setting.