Cancelling Problems


Hello all, I was wondering if anyone would please explain to me how to do, and what the basis is of the crouch and air-dash cancels. I have been trying a couple of different crouch cancel combos/infinites, but just pressing down doesn’t seem to do it for me for some reason. I have been able to cut frames off of one or two characters air-dashes by pressing back, but that won’t work with most characters; is that a dash cancel? Also, does anyone know for a fact that the super jump guard cancel exists? Thanks for the help and much luv!



You can crouch to cancel a ground dash, which will enable you to quickly perform another dash, which allows you to quickly cover more ground, known as a wave dash.

If you want to cancel a normal such as Cable’s standing HK, this isn’t a “crouch cancel” but a super jump cancel. You super jump by the inputs of down and then up. You can also add a direction to super jump forward or backward. So, if you input a super jump, for example, right when Magneto’s HK connects its first hit, instead of the second hit coming out, a super jump will occur. You have just performed a super jump cancel and can quickly perform a down/forward dash with two punch buttons and then press lk lp lk and have them connect.

Suki cancels exist, but they require you to be able to guard, so you can only perform them when there’s something on screen that can activate your blocking trigger.


You forgot to tell him how damn hard mastering SJCing can be. :looney:

(Wipes sweat off forehead and goes back to training mode)


QFT! I’m still working on SJCing Mags FP, ADF, grab etc…


You are gonna have more trouble getting the grab after that SJC AD if the opponent isnt at rom height, dont know if i mentioned that or not?


Thanks for the help sir. Is wave dashing what I have seen reffered to as dash-cancelling, because I thougt that a dash cancel had to be in the air? I have gotten sjc-ing down ok, but I still need more practice with it…so many possibilites. I have used the Suki before, but I thought that there was some “version” of a Suki cancel that had been rumored to exist, that would expand even more possibilites for extended combos and infinites never before possible. Thanks for the help and much luv!



you can get it off a little lower than rom height so long they arent about to touch the ground. not sure how to repeat this consistently yet but once i was able to get them low and somehow crossed them up probably a glitch cuz i only did it once


If they are too low then you cross them up with the sj.FP instead of the throw.

Its pretty ghetto but it actually tends to work out :looney: