Cancelling Registration?

I registered myself for EVO a month ago, but since then things have come up in my life and I will be unable to attend the tournament after all. Is it possible to get a refund on my registration fee? It would be greatly appreciated.

That sucks, so it’s like gambling :slight_smile:

While tournament entry is final in years past the badge (what gets you into the room) was transferable. If you have a pass that get’s you into the alpha hall on sunday I’d purchase it from you. I had to do this for a friend another year also. Girlfriend wants to go now at the last minute and trying to get an alpha pass for her.

There’s a new trading post sticky that says passes are non transferable.

I thought it has always been that way since badges were used…

I’ll say it again. Passes are non refundable and non transferable. Alpha passes are sold out.

Ah. What was posted above said nothing about passes only tournament entry. In previous years those weren’t the same thing. Policy change.

Last year I bought one from a guy and had Wiz switch it to my name. So wasn’t always like that, but probably was a bit burdensome so I get it.