Cancelling s.hp &

I’ve completely mastered cancelling mag’s, but the other 2 seem a bit more critical on the timing. Can someone give me a detailed explanation on how to cancel these? I can get it right about 20% of the time, and about 5% in actually gameplay. Thanks a bunch in advance

s.hp is about .3seconds after it hits… when magneto curls back his arm is the right time to cancel it

for, you have to time it correctly… you have the entire time between the two kicks, but you have to hit down after the first hit hits.

hope that helps


check this out…

video tape yourself with a VCR… go back to it, and slow down the times you successfully do it…

from tehre, imitate it and learn it

how do you cancel it and what does it do?

Hey this is a new computer, sony vaio. I could record stuff with me DVR, but dont know how to upload them to the computer. Its only a temporary file. Any help please?

EDIT: So the timing of the, is, right after the first hit connects, cancel it right away? Meaning hit down right after hit 1 connects?

yes, that’s the timing for cancelling

try this for s.hp…

it’s a dash in, then cancel. it helped me get the timing for it

:r: :r: :hp:+:r: :df: :d: :u: :r:+:2p:

that will make you dash, hit the hp, then you’re doing a reverse qcf, and then air dashing forwards.

basic rule of thumb… as long as a hitbox is still open, it’s cancellable

so for, it’s easy, since the length of how long it can hit is enormous. 1 hit is hard, because the first hit is few frames. every normal can be sj.cancelled, as long as it’s not a beam / projectile of any sort (sentinel’s spit, cyclops s.hp, cable’s gun, after the shot fires, mm’s s.hp, etc etc)

wow thanks again m1x4h :tup:.

a little thing i saw is that when i try to do a hcb into a tk motion i ended doing the boomerang thing. i’d rather do cable’s tk motion with a dash.

but thanks alot m1x4h, you did it again :tup:

that’s beacuse you’re inputting the :u: :uf: :r: command.

try it this way…

:r: :r: :hp: :df: :d: :u: (neutral) :2p:

cable’s a different story… i do my AHVB a different way than most… most people do it this way

:qcf: :uf: :2p:

i do it this way…

:d: :uf: :df: :r: :uf: :2p:

it just works better for me. if i just do TK’s, i end up doing them too quickly, or too slowly. that way, i don’t even have to think about it… it just comes out

I like the circling motion, and I’ve got the s.hp cancellation down. Its just that damn which is pretty exact on timing. If I do :r: :df: :d: :u: :df: + :3p: it wont cancel right. Is the timing slower or faster than the s.hp?

faster… i’ll make you a diagram… it’ll be up in a few minutes

Okay, good diagram, thanks alot.

So if I do :r: :df: :d: :u: :df: + :2p: :lk: :mk: s. :hk: at the time the diagram says it should be perfect right?

dont’ do all that… just do, neutral, :d: :u: :df: + :2p:, whatever.

oh, i find the timing to be easier with the earthquake move included, should I try to practice it my way or just the way u said by cancelling, which would be easier to do in actual gameplay?

oh and one more thing, that still counts as a reset, all though the hits keep rolling right? because the next move is sj. ad df down+lk mk

whatever works better for you is the right way to do it. i don’t get fancy and cancel 1 hit in matches, unless i’m playing a noob or something… then i’ll do slide infinite into rom reset back to slide and whatever i feel like. if the neutral du method works better for you, use it. if the earthquake method works better, use it. i use earthquake for s.hp and (N), D, U for 1 hit

as for resets… no. reset is resetting the combo meter so you reset the damage buffer as well. you can’t reset without resetting the combo meter. very few times will you have an inescapable reset. good resets are hard to block… examples…

for sentinel:
corner:, sj, lp, lp, rp, hp, hk… land, back dash c.hp for the unblockable. this is inescapable

for magneto on sentinel:
rom in the corner, dash, s.hp (it’s an “unblockable” reset… can be blocked if you block the other way, but sometimes it will stay on the same side… blocking is a 50/50 chance. this is escapable randomly

magneto rom to the corner, dash under c.hp. this is escapable carefully (depends on where the person cancels to down)

another inescapable one is an assisted throw reset, such as using rogue’s throw or gief’s throw. a good inescapable reset with magneto mech gief would be rom, + call mech gief air throw, hk, tempest. gief picks you up and throws you into the tempest. the other way you can do an inescapable throw reset would be with magneto /psylocke…

rom to the corner, jump, call psylocke, hk throw. if they don’t tech, you reset them, if they do tech, they either 1) get hit by psylocke land, and you juggle, or 2) they block psylocke, and get guardbroken, and land on your launcher. if they block and then air dash, cancel the c.hp with a hypergrav and pull them out of the air dash, since you can’t block while air dashing or if they pushblock, throw a HG up there, and it will get them. they CAN mash it, but chances are they wont have time if you’re not going to do a tempest (which i’m reccomending highly against, just do a launcher from a hypergrav)

I’m pretty sure if you do the normal ROM and change your infinite a little it’ll slightly do more damage. So say you’re ROMing, and then you do j.lp, down+lk, mk, sj. ad df lk, mk, and then the normal ROM again, I think it does more damage then just ROMing all the time. Same thing with sentinel, insteand of using the same one, just use the laser or a diagonal rocket punch or dash up and lk, mp, rpxxHSF. I tried it in practice mode and got more damage out of it then normal ones.

So the timing is just that much of a bitch huh? I really thought it would be easier to do that due to more time of the ad df down+lk, mk, but it seems not.

you can’t air dash and then attack again in normal jump mode.

the thing is, you’re not looking to do damage WITH the rom. you’re looking to do damage with the attacks AFTER the rom. the resets you do. when you get to about 13 hits, everything you do will do 1-2 per hit anyways. after the third hit, everything you do decrements by 1 damage.

so with sentinel, the best way to do it to deal bitching damage would be…

RP, HSF, lp RP, HSF, dash, hk, sj, lk, fly, lk + call commando, hp, dp rp

you only do one attack, because the small damage it does doesn’t compensate for losing damage on teh next attacks

anyways, it’s best to just do a few attacks and then reset. throwing in “extra” attacks mid-infinite is pretty pointless, unless it’s at the begining… eg. setting up the slide infinite then doing rom does a lot more damage, becaus eyou’re throwing a ton of fierces in there.

You guys find harder? Wierd… I can’t seem to do it a single time on s.hp… At least I can get it a few times on the hk.

Btw, I read this article by ekin on suki and sj cancelling. It said cable’s s.hp(two hits) and most chars. lp/lk have a very precise frame for sj. cancelling?Does this mean the window for cancelling is only 1 frame? Can anyone confirm this? I’ve pulled off Cable’s hp(second hit) and Sent’s, and Magz s.lp so far. And some of them don’t look like 1 frame to me.

It depends on the move… I know Sent’s s.MP is definitely more than 1 frame- it’s way too easy compared to some other moves. Generally HKs and HPs are the easiest (feels like a 4 or 5 frame window to me, but I’m just guessing) and LKs and LPs are hardest (I could see these being 1 frame), but it varies from character to character and move to move.

I had no idea cable’s s.HP was sj cancelable on the second hit… it’d be awesome to see someone do a suki inf with that (if possible) :cool:

i believe some of them are close to 1 frame… SOME. sent is more like 20 frames lol. try mag’s c.lp,, storm c.lp, cable c.lp, things like that.

i think anything that you can cancel into a special or hyper can be canclled into a sj

nah, you can cancel mag’s into EM disruptor for instance, but you can’t sj out of it