I get cancelling. Like, I understand it but just how quick must you be? And are there any tips you guys could give on cancelling charge moves into super? Are there any shortcuts for a character like Balrog to cancel Dashing Straight into super?


Let’s say you do something like cr.MK canceled into hadouken. You want to finish inputting the motion + button of the hadouken as cr.MK hits your opponent. Just try it out in practice mode and get a feel for it.

As for your other question, that motion would be

(charge) back~forward + punch (dash straight starts) , back~forward + (dash straight hits) punch. You use the initial charge for both moves.


In SFV Balog his CA is a qcfx2 motion. Unsure if op referred to USFIV or SFV. I’ll assume SFV.

in SFV you can do it raw, just do the dash puch and thn input the qcfx2 as soon as possible. For cancelling you can never be to fast really, it requires no strict timing or anything, just speed.
In SFv you can also do this as an alternative and easier input:
[] hcf+p, qcf+p
The hcf+p will be recognized as the bf+p. You can start the hcf motion from downback.
Generally you start from a down-back position so using numpad(how the numbers are layed out on your keyboard) notation, it looks like this:
] 1236+p, 236+p


Using negitive edge helps too