Not sure if this is where this should go, but here we go.

Cancelling (in Street Fighter-esque games). I know what it is. By accident, I discovered how to perform one (ex. crouching punch into Hadouken). I even would say I mastered that specific cancel technique in some games. But one thing evades me: cancelling a punch/kick or special move into a super. I can only do it accidentally (a good start, huh?), but not on command. I try endlessly, but always end up performing an uncancel-able special move and no super at all. I need to know: what is the best technique for pulling one off? Timing, move choice, *anything…


Uhh…depends on the game.

In 3S you can just kinda seemlessly move into a super from some specials. In GG, you need meter to do Roman Cancels, though there are other things like jump cancels that let you cut off a move in the air…

Practice makes perfect.

I don’t think this thread’s gonna last long…

I even would say I mastered that specific cancel technique in some games.

I have a feeling hes talking about ST judging by how he describes it. Super canceling from a normal is ST is hard, every game after that became easy.

ex. 3s Ryu:, 236236+p is easy and flow well

ST Ryu: 2362+c.mk36+p is not so easy

But anyway, what game are you talking about>?

How the hell do you a cancel a jump. I mean really… your jumping, how do you suddenly decide to cancel your jump? Seems like everything can be canceled today.

jump canceling is canceling a move with a jump

Jump cancelling usually isn’t cancelling the jump. It’s cancelling a move WITH a jump.

So your like, for example, doing a special move or something, and your canceling the animation with a jump, is that all? Something like Chunners in 3S being able to follow up the last hit of her SA2 with a super jump?

You posted in quite a few of my GGXX AC uploads and didn’t even notice jump cancelling occurring in the matches?

Yes, not all moves are jump cancellable…the ones that are, you just cancel with a jump. Nothing else to it.

You can cancel jump attacks with landing. It’s a cancel noone thinks about.

Chun-Li’s super jump at the end of sa2 is exactly what jump canceling is(technically it’s super jump canceling, but lets not get into that). In some games, like guilty gear, a lot of normal moves are jump cancelable. This isn’t the case in street fighter games where only a select few moves are jump cancelable.

Back to the original topic, you either need to do it faster, or buffer the super. Like Humbag said, to cancel cr. mk into shinkuu hadoken, you do down, down/forward, forward, down+mk, down/forward, forward+any punch. This is basic buffering.

Nope, I wasn’t even familiar with the term or usage until now, I didn’t think much of it before or what to even call it. I don’t know all the terms used in games, or this numerical notion people sometimes use (I don’t have a keypad on my laptop, so meh).

I was thinking though that a jump cancel would be like during the animation before the character lifts off the ground, performs a special move/whatever, and that move gains the properties or a jump or something.

2 moves in one joystick motion.

Is there a reason you would want to use a crouching kick instead of a punch? It seems you would use a (crouching) kick because the super uses a punch.

ST, SFA3, Pocket Fighter, etc. (not so much 3S)

In alpha its not really that hard but its not easy like 3s. You just gotta be fast and precise. ST is another ballpark cause you gotta buffer that shit mad like how Zaelar and I described it earlier.

You can use any cancelable normal into the super with ryu for instance but using a crouching kick makes it easier imo.

Not if you have to recover from a landing…

Nope. But the main thing I was thinking of is that in #Reload, you could use Sol’s jD attack (in the air), which normally pushes the opponent out of attack range. But with jump cancelling, you could cancel out of the recovery frames from the attack, then do another jD…or something.

“Buffer like mad”. Do you mean I should continuously QCF with the crouching normal until I get the super off?

Until you become fast enough and accurate enough at doing the input. then yes.

Seriously though, practice makes perfect.

In Alpha games, everytime I try to cancel a normal with a super I get normal -> shoryuken instead.

It’s one of the reasons I fucking hate the Alpha games, the gameplay…I don’t have this problem in any other game.

Uh, maybe I misread the original post, but am I the only one that think he’s talking about 2-in-1’s, not regular cancels?