Just thought i’d post this. A little break from SF fanart (sorry CHAiNwhore, but there are loads of great artists posting great art anyway, i won’t be missed).

Here’s the link for the full-size image:


Very nice =).

there’s so much about this pic to like – the colours and lighting are nicely done, and I like the subtle touches like the bra being semi-visible and the bra straps hanging off her shoulders. Nice facial expression too.

It would be better if the proportions were more consistent though. Her head and right hand seem to be one size, her upper torso and both arms seem another (smaller), and her lower body and legs a third (smaller still).

Other than that, I like it a lot. Friend of yours? :slight_smile:

P/S: don’t put yourself down

Looks great to me.

Thanks guys.

greyhoundbus: Thanks, i’m sure it’s the quality of painting you like so much…

TRAVIS: Thanks alot.

rook: Glad you like the… ermm… bra. Just joking. It happens to be my favourite part too. Unfortunately not a friend :frowning: but thanks anyway.