Candy Cab Owners

do we have to use a transformer for our power?

According to the guys at shmup you don’t have to

damn… i see mixed responses over there. i am getting worried because my cab was flickering pretty badly recently. good thing my pcb wasn’t plugged in or else i’d be in for one

What kind of cab did you get? Try checking for some more info as well. They seem to be an informed bunch. I just bought one as well so I’m interested to hear what others have to say as well.

were did you get your candycab from. I’m interested in getting one and I wanted to know and since I see you live in Texas and me two I wanted to ask you were do you get the cabs from here in Texas or do you order them from japan. Theirs this arcade place call planet zero were they have all japanese cabs they even have Tekken 6, but I don’t know if you can order from them because is an arcade place.

I dont need a transformer for mine.

I ordered my New Astro City cab from Matsu here Lots of people on different people on different forums recommended him. I do go to Planet Zero as well but I don’t think that they’ll order stuff for you. You could try asking them and see where they got theirs from I guess. Matsu is our safest and cheapest alternative though.

thanks a lot I’m going to get check the website out.

the japanese cabs are listed at 100v ac, you should be getting anywhere from 110v-125v ac from your mains depending on your area. this isn’t enough to cause any problems with the cab.

only thing i can think of is you will probably have to adjust the power supply if it doesn’t automatically switch it’s output to 5v. higher input giving higher output on a transformer coil, and all that… maybe someone in the know can give us an answer on that one. my cabinet is in the mail somewhere at this point.

step up transformer is a good precautionary tool but not required.

As far as I know, Japan uses the same power and TV standards as we do.

This was a result of the rebuilding and occupation after WWII.

The 10 to 20 volt difference is enough to disturb the CRT monitor if the monitor is on it’s last legs. Otherwise, yeah, it doesn’t matter.

Off topic but…

any of you guys know any places to order a VS cab?:wonder:

The only place I know of for VS cabs is here It’s mad expensive though.

Even more info for those curious.

Even in the US the supply can range a fair bit either way. US suppliers try to keep it between 114-126v. B

Also in Japan, the hz ranges from 50HZ on the eastern half, to 60HZ on the western side. So the Power Supply in the Cab is gonna be fairly sturdy.

If the monitor in your cab is flaking out, start shopping now,