Candy Cab question-Help please!

What I want to do is get a Candy Cab that is able to play MVS and JAMMA. I understand that some of the Neo Candy cab’s are able to do both, but I have also heard there are technical issues regarding sound, does anyone know anything about this?

Also, what do you suggest I buy if I do want a Candy Cab that is able to play MVS and JAMMA? I would prefer something made by SNK or Sega, because I have heard many good things about them.

The only problem I have heard is with the Sega New Astro City, from what I have been told the power supply is in an awkward place, and it may be hard for someone to put in an MVS JAMMA board. Is this true? If so, will it be a big problem to install a JAMMA board that is 14.5" (Length) X 9.5" (Width) X 2.25" (Height)? Will any Candy Cab fit this?

I have already posted this in the Neo-Geo forums, but people are too damn slow when it comes to replying, and I have an opportunity to purchase a Sega New Astro City and need to get some sort of answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

I read up on MVS-JAMMA interface recently and the sound issue is apparently that MVS supports stereo sound whereas JAMMA only supports mono sound. Therefore you can hook up stereo speakers directly to the MVS outputs. At least, that’s how I understand what I read on that topic.

As far as the power supply issue goes I would imagine it’s not difficult to relocate or replace the power supply with a smaller model. An AT power supply for a rackmount server would probably be significantly smaller than the original. You may have to make extension cables for power if you relocate the supply.

Again, this is speculation and hypothesis, not experienced information.

Well thank you for the information, that does help. I actually found a PCB board that fixes the MVS sound problem for a prety low price.

Has anyone used MVS on an Astro City candy cab? I have an opportunity to buy one and want to know what you think.

Same question goes for Egret II cab!