Candy Machine Tournament at next year's EVO!


The candy machine fucking rules. The CLAW owns you.


Roflmao… the sad thing is that the candy machine got more playtime than Virtual On… or any of the fighter plane games in there. Prolly even pool. So i guess it must be damn good lol


Hell yeah 2$ entree fee next year, of course how aout you guyz just send the money to me becuase i was owning that siht up


Have you guys discovered the claw candy machine glitch yet?

On certain makes of claw candy machines (it must of course be one that “guarantees a prize”), this will work:

  • Let the claw pick up the candy
  • As the claw starts moving back to drop the candy in the pit, rotate the stick madly in circles so that the claw swings and the candy goes flying. Some should land in the pit.
  • When the claw opens to drop the candy, no candy can be left to drop - it should already be down or elsewhere.
  • If you did it right, and it works on the machine, the machine won’t realize that you’ve won candy already. It’ll now confusedly give you a second try to pick up candy. So all the swung-out candy from Try One is now bonus candy. :slight_smile:

I can only get one rep of this, but I’ve gotten it on 3 machines over time. This is odd, but totally true. I discovered it one day when I got some nasty candy in my claw grab and tried swinging it out so that I could get the candy that I really wanted.


nah homie me n dc static owned that shit lol we played once n got 6 pieces of candy and a big bag of skittles lol. yall wasted like 5 bucks before u got ne candy haha. shit was crazy fun tho. which guy were u. i was the fly big bald asian foo haha.


im champ on that shit …


ill own you in candy machine, i was the shgl champion. i owned up watson in the championship.


Left Side Claw = Top Tier.


Oh my God…I can’t believe you actually made a topic on this; and RECORDED it on our trip no less :lol:

And that Candy Machine glitch is banned next year :stuck_out_tongue:


it wasn’t me, it was Chad! VDO was like, “here’s the camera, don’t tape any of that candy machine booooolshit.” Then Chad is like “ok”, and goes off to tape candy machine, hahaha :lol:


Japanese Candy Machine 5v5 Cooperation Cup Tourney 2003 VCD 4 Sale!!!

Russias finest clawdroppers attempt to dethrone the reigning Japanese masters.
See Yuris incredible 360 kit-kat-attack or the move Nanahara CC-Candyman Shuya perfected: Claw-Canceling! C-Drop that shit! :eek:

Two disc set!
Hi8 Camera with painful scanlines!
Free skittles!

$30 + $7.98 Shipping & Handling!

p.s. i own all ya’ll bitch’s reese’s peanut butter cups in the 2k3 and 4ever. :smiley:


Let me get that shit. You aint hard unless you know how to play wit the claw.