Cannon Busters!

sup peeps… this is rey. i draw CHEAP SHOTS! for street fighter, and the announced upcoming Cannon Busters erik mentioned earlier.

just wanted to plug the Cannon Busters OFFICIAL SITE

keep checking the site within the coming weeks for various updates on the progression of this project!

it will be AWESOME, i garuntee it!

Cheap shots is awesome! It’s really cool to see guys like you and LeSean on these forums, and it’s even cooler to see that you registered a few months ago and have been posting in random threads along the way.

Gosh, it just makes us all feel so special.

Wow it’s Rey!

(oh and Cannon Busters art looks really cool!)

I love Cheap Shots! And this here thing looks pretty damn funky. I shall sit and wait in much antisipation.

What’s up Rey! Everybody on this Site loves the Cheap Shots, as I’ve yet to read anyone say one bad thing about them! Keep us laughing man!

HAHA Im stupid, I just made a post about this in the SF#9 thread not relizing Rey had already put up a thread.

Go here for an article about CB as well as a bunch of artwork for/from it.

Be sure to check out Rey’s site as well

Heh, Rey, you are the junk. If you could do a joke about Sagat’s “Crouching Fierce” in an upcoming Cheap Shots…well, let’s just say it would be GREATLY appreciated. :smiley:

yes, i joined shoryuken a while ago. in fact, i was a member before this account, too. i’ve been a street fighter fan 4eva. that’s the beauty about the people who work on this comic, we’re all fans of the game. in fact, i did a t-shirt design wayyyy back in the day. but i believe i was outvoted by someone else :]

next issue, prepare to see a special cheapshots starring my HERO-- DAN!!!

sagat’s low fierce? is that an uppercut? or is it that gnarly low punch? i cant remember… it’s been a while since ive played sagat. i wish sagat was in one of the super-jump VS games.

acually, the cheap shots comic is changing direction for the 2nd arc… it’s going to start actually being a continuing story… stay tuned :]

The Cannon Busters art looks really hot, can’t wait to pick this up when it’s released. Or rather have the local comic book guy import it since I live far far away in a distant and magical land.

It’s his low punch. Its power and priority have been a part of SRK legends for a long time now. It is said that it has the ability to destroy houses, mountains, and even alternate universes. It would just be nice to have a SRK inside joke in the comic, that’s all.:wink:

Sagat’s and Blanka’s low fierces got this (mostly deserved) reputation as being the unstoppable tactics of the early days of Capcom vs SNK 2 play. After a while, Roll-Canceling was discovered which was basically a way to cancel the startup of a Roll into a special move, so that the special move inherited the invincibility from the Roll. So low fierce and RC are the two big scary things that got associated with CvS2.

Every game has them. For Marvel vs Capcom 2 it’s Cable shooting people with the Ghostbusters gun and Sentinel stepping all over them. For Marvel vs Capcom 1 it’s Double War Machine Duos. For Street Fighter Alpha 2 it’s Valle CC’s and Alpha Counters. For Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo it’s Sagat throwing Tigers like a machine gun and Balrog going “RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH!!” (nonstop crazy fast rush punches). For Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition it was “Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud” (the sound of Bison’s Psycho Crusher doing 5 freakin hits of block damage).

By the way, i found a way to Roll Cancel low fierce, but it’s totally impossible to do in a real match because it requires such an elaborate setup. Anyway, just see here: (click on the picture for video clip).

Also Damn! The Rey is younger then me, now I feel even older. Even so - tis totally positively great ya got to be part of the Street Fighter comic, I bet that was a dream come true with a pat on the back and the icing on the pudding is ya might even be paid to do it. Lucky/talented sod.

Also on a sort of off topic but was mentioned earlier, I love Dan, however I rarely win with him as every time he jumps I try to… nay MUST… do his taunt so he cries out “Yahoo!!” Sure it gets me killed but its honestly worth it. Sufficent to say a battle against me when I’m using Dan is noisey.

However any Dan player technically wins the match - even if his life bar is totally destroyed and actually loses - if he manages to get a fireball to hit that is not part of some combo. Least thats the rules in my house.

Hey Rey,

I wanted to say its cool to see you on the board, and I have a question. I have never heard of com.X . Is that the new comics publisher?? Is this gonna be an online comic, or will it be released at comic book stores?

Man that work looks hot! I like your cheap shots as those xeno tabs are kickin. When this comes out I’m definitely going to be all up on it. Peace.

fire- com.x is a european comic publisher who was going to put out cannon busters.

but now udon is handling cannon busters and having it published by devil’s due. the same exact publishing situation Street Fighter is in. so yes, it will be in every comic shop street fighter is in, basically.