Cannon Spike Game

Which game is this one: Cannon Spike… What about its storyline… Fallen Balrog/Vega…

It is a mystical tale of Vega’s rise to stardom as a cage fighter. It mostly stars as him the main character, and it is an adventure game. But, there are other appearances from random Capcom characters. It is alot like canterburry tales.

Here this will explain everything.

I thought Cannon Spike was Cammy’s move, not Vega’s?

Anyway, unless there are two Cannon Spike games, Cannon Spike is a Sega Dreamcast game from Capcom that was heavily revamped for its US release, removing the original characters and instead replacing them with Capcom superstars such as Cammy, Charlie, Mega Man, and others.

Storywise, I don’t remember what it was about, except I think some sort of invading alien robots who are fought off by a special task force comprised of the player characters.

The gameplay was sort of like a run-and-gun shooter on rollerblades. Literally, in some cases. If you’ve ever seen Cammy in rollerblades and wondered why, I’m pretty sure this game is the sole culprit, though I do believe it depended on how apt those were for the character(Mega Man, for example, glided around using the jets on his feet, as I recall).

It’s actually a pretty fun game with nice DC graphics(of the time), and a good level of challenge. I’m trying to get a copy, myself, as it’s relatively rare.

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