Cannon Spike! The Cammy Thread


Updated Jan, 30 2009
Added: Throw setups

*Special thanks to all the Cammy players out there for providing tips and advice. You rock!Also, thanks to for the following invaluable info:


Why use Cammy? (Other than how hot she is…)

? Strengths ?

  • Very fast foot and move speed.
  • Excellent offensive pressure tactics.
  • Lots of ways to mix up her offensive game plan.
  • Great at dealing chip (block) damage.
  • Can lock down her opponents because of speed and move set.
  • Doesn’t take long to learn how to play her decently well, advanced tactics are a different story though.
  • Once Cammy scores a knock down, she has a lot of options.
  • Spinning Backfist is really nice.

? Weaknesses ?

  • Most of her attacks don’t do a lot of damage.
  • Turtling (defensive) characters can be difficult to beat.
  • Can be hit out of Cannon Spike move if it’s not timed well.
  • Doesn’t have many ways to deal damage when she’s not in close.
  • Still has a difficult time with some characters, like E. Honda.

Special Moves

? Cannon Drill ?
:qcf:+ :k:
Cammy’s Cannon Drill is now completely safe from counter attacks when blocked ? as long as you do it from the right distance.

You can string together attacks to force your opponent to be on the defensive and give them little opening to counter attack. For example, doing a couple of Cannon Drills, then a Crouching Medium Kick to knock them back to the proper distance, and then another Cannon Drill works pretty well.

After this you’ll have forced your opponent to take a decent amount of block damage (or hit them a few times), and they’ll likely be trying to counter your pressure game. If they jump up or backwards, it opens them up for a Cannon Spike, and if they resort to fireballs or commit to blocking, you can use a Spinning Backfist or Hooligan Throw to stay on them.

Do note that your Cannon Drill is very vulnerable to opponents jumping straight up so always be prepared to throw out a well timed Cannon Spike to keep them grounded.

? Front Kick (Cannon Spike) ?
:dp:+ :k:
This move must be well timed to use it consistently as an anti air tool. You can be hit out of it if your timing is off.

? Spinning Backfist ?
:qcb:+ :p:
Cammy’s Spinning Backfist has more invulnerability now, it completely goes through projectiles and her lower body cannot be hit by attacks until she lands from her hop, but she can be hit by high moves.

This actually makes it decent to use when you know a low move is coming, because Cammy should go right through it and hit the other fighter twice, but many players prefer to stick with Cannon Drills because even if those are blocked, usually Cammy can’t be hit out of them.

But the main use for this attack is getting through projectiles. The Light Punch version is pretty effective against fireballs when you’re at max range. You can use it to slowly inch your way towards the other fighter and when you get in closer, if they continue to throw fireballs, do a Hard Punch Spinning Backfist to knock them down.

? Frankensteiner (Hooligan Throw) ?
:qcf:+ :p:, followed by :l: or :r: :k:
You can press a Kick button at any time you’re in the air to cancel the move. If you do not press Kick or attempt to throw Cammy will do a slide that must be blocked low when she lands.

This is one of your main tools to get through fireball traps and counter moves with longer recovery times.

The Punch button pressed determines the range and and trajectory of this move. Light goes the shortest distance, but flies the highest vertically. Hard Punch goes almost all the way across the screen, but Cammy doesn’t travel up very far. Medium Punch is a mix of both versions.

While this move is very good, you must avoid being predictable with it because it’s not difficult to counter if the other fighter knows it’s coming.

**Super Move **

? Spin Drive Smasher ?
:qcf:, :qcf:+ :k:

Noteworthy Normals

? Crouching Medium Kick ?
Arguably your best normal move. Can be Canceled into most of Cammy’s Special Moves, it’s fast, difficult to counter and it will be invaluable when trying to keep the pressure on your opponent.

To throw off the other player’s timing, so time it’s smart NOT to Cancel this attack into a Special Move. Many times they’ll be expecting you to go right into another attack after a Crouching Medium Kick, and instead if you pause and then follow up with a Cannon Drill or Hooligan Throw it can mess up their timing.

(In the air)
? Jumping Medium Punch ?
Has a surpisingly high priority, although the hit box has been knocked down a bit since Super Turbo when jumping towards or away.

Still this will counter a lot of moves and you should use it to knock your opponent back and help set yourself up for Cammy’s excellent pressure game.

jump forward mp->throw
jump forward lk->throw
close standing mp (has to be a meaty)->throw
close standing lp->throw
close standing lk->throw

All can be reversaled of course

Combos (underconstruction)
BnB->> hk Cannon Drill
BnB->> s.hp-> lk.Cannon Drill>>> Super crossup->> xx Super crossup->> Cannon Spike

j. lk crossup-> -> cr. mp-> cr. mp -> HK Cannon Drill crossup->> xx Cannon Drill>> cmk xx Cannon Drill

You’ve got a couple of options after cross-up j.LK:

Vs fat characters (Zangief, Dhalsim, Guile, Fei Long and I believe Cammy if you have the misfortune of playing Cammy/Cammy):
cross up j.LK, c.MP, s.FP xx Cannon Drill

Vs normal sized characters:
cross up j.LK, c.MP, c.MK xx Cannon Drill or
cross up j.LK, s.FP xx Thurst Kick (I like this vs. Shoto)

You can actually cross up with fierce (!) against Thawk, Chun and boxer, but it’s really hard and I don’t have any reliable followups. It’s really cool when it hits though!

Against crouching Shotos, Crounch Strong, Crouch Forward XX Short Cannon Drill is the ONLY Cannon Drill that Combos. Roundhouse AND Forward WILL MISS.

Against Standing Shotos, Crouch Strong, Crouch Forward XX Roundhouse Cannon Drill is the ONLY Cannon Drill that Combos. Short AND Forward WILL MISS

Changes from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

  • Spinning Backfist is invulnerable to fireballs during startup (all versions).

  • Spinning Backfist’s hitbox on 2nd hit is bigger so that it doesn’t fail to get 2nd hit if the

1st hit connects.

  • Cannon Drill has a faster recovery time.

  • Cannon Spike is usually not safe anymore.

Eventhubs Matchup Strategies

vs. Blanka
When Blanka begins to do his stare down (charged up and waiting to unleash a Beast Roll) begin to spam Light Punches, this will knock him out of his attempt as long as you time it correctly. Also Jumping Medium Punches will do the trick.

vs. E. Honda
This is regarded as Cammy’s toughest match up. When Honda is charged up, he has a variety of ways he can counter your moves, so you’re going to be looking for opportunities when he cannot do a Headbutt/Sumo Splash.

Your best bet is to do some block damage to E. Honda and run away so he tries to close ground. When you get away from him start jumping straight up and down with Medium Punch, which should knock him out of his Headbutt if attempted. If he times his Headbutt as you’re landing use a Cannon Spike to hit him out of it.

Using the above tactic will usually entice Honda players to get out of their defensive stance, and it will often be your best shot at winning against good players.

Use Crouching Medium Punch or jumping straight up with Medium Punch against his Hundred Hand Slap. The Slap had its priority reduced big time, and its damage was knocked down, so you should be able to hit him out of it now as long as your timing is good.

Use Cannon Drills for pressure when it’s smart to do so.

And just hope that luck is on your side

vs. Guile
Another tough match for Cammy players. Use a lot of Hooligan Throws and Slides against his barrage of Sonic Booms. Mix these up with Spinning Backfists to keep him from using the same counters over and over again.

Try and attack him whenever he loses his charge, and once you’ve scored a knock down keep up the pressure with your Cannon Drills and Hooligan Throws.

If he misses a Flash Kick, use a Hard Kick Cannon Drill to get close and do a little block damage.

vs. Ken
There’s two huge keys to playing against Ken.

  1. Staying just outside of his sweep range to punish his Light Punch Shoryukens.

  2. Using Standing Medium Kick as an anti air and ground poke.

Standing Medium Kick is fast enough and has long enough range that you should be able to knock Ken out of the air whenever he jumps in at you, and you can use it when you’re on the ground to apply pressure.

And if you stay just outside of sweep range, you should be able to counter any Light Punch Shoryukens on reaction.

These two things should keep him from throwing out random Shoryukens and applying consistent offensive pressure on you, and they should open up YOUR offensive pressure game. Remember, for you to stay on him with Cannon Drills, he needs to be afraid you’ll punish his Shoryukens if he misses.

Keep in mind Ken’s Light Punch Shoryuken is something he’s going to throw out there often ? unless you can make him pay a price for doing so.

SRK Cammy matchup opinions

If they are torpedo spammer (ie, not really good at timing them), I use>s.fierce to lock them and mix up>throw.

If they are decent with Hondas I play like a turtle. I carefully use to sneak in a clean hit here and there then stay away and try to stay ahead on the life bar. Occasionally drill but make sure it they cannot punish you if blocked (ie a true safe drill). And be patient and wait. Eventually they will have to come forward to attack and thats when you rush them down as soon as you see him give up that damn charged torpedo.

The secret to Fighting Ken comes down to two things: 1) Staying out of his Sweep range. 2)

Standing Forward. Standing Forward is fast enough and reaches far enough that, if you stay out of Sweep range, ON REACTION you can counter the Jab DP and hit it out of the air. That’s the entire key. Hit Ken out of the air with Standing Forward. That’ll keep his DPs honest. Once you do that, you can resort to more of your normal Cammy games. Cannon Drills and what not. You HAVE to get him to stop DPing first or your game goes to pot. So get good at countering the Jab DP on reaction, and the fight becomes easier



The cr. forward xx Double Knee Press isn’t necessarily a lock, it just takes a little time to find a hole in the rushdown. I usually use cr. strong punch to beat out his silly cr. forward or sometimes you can jump back with j. strong immediately. Also, a well timed Thrust Kick or counter throw will get him off you. My favorite tactic vs an overaggressive Bison is to jump in with this hit string: j. strong, cr. forward, xx Light Drill. Once the drill connects, follow up with a Thrust Kick on the very first frame of recovery and it will beat out most of anything Dictator will counter with. Once you score a knockdown via combo, rinse and repeat. Sneak some throws and Hooligans in between the combos to keep him guessing. However, if you are fighting a patient Dictator, that strategy won’t work, best thing I can say is;

  • Always jump in with initiative and majority of the time only after knockdowns.
  • Majority of his moves are punishable, the easiest to punish is his cr. roundhouse (slide) and Psycho Crusher.
  • If Dictator gets in throw range or you sense a tick coming up be prepared to counter. If Dictator tries to cross you up and you block the first hit or two, be prepared to counter throw. Overall, BE PREPARED to counter throw.
  • Don’t let him control the match, do whatever it takes to keep in a defensive position.
  • And of course, use the first round to “learn” your opponent.

The wall dives don’t always get stuffed by thrust kick unless there is a specific point that you need to do thrust kick in order to safely stuff it each time. Otherwise, Cannon drills seems to sneak past the dives but leaves them with another charge. Claw in general outpokes Cammy

Aggressive Vegas aren’t too problematic as a simple Thrust Kick, s. strong, s. forward (only sometimes; this is actually a unique and quirky move in which it’ll catch your opponent even when they cross you up sometimes), vertical j. strong, or a j. roundhouse will beat his wall dive shenanigans. My main problem with Vega is of course, the turtle ones. The ones that do nothing but bait your jumps with a flip and mash on the cr. strong poke one you land from a drill. Here are some tips you can use for this matchup I find successful majority of the time.

  • Spinning Backfist is useful for this fight since it dodges low attacks and has great priority. It will beat anything Vega throws at you with proper timing other than that Flip Kick. I use it to get past his cr. strong poke, but don’t train the player to counter it.

  • Once you land a Drill on block, immediately block yourself. If you distanced your Drill properly, you won’t get hit by the poke.

  • Use Hooligans sparingly. Don’t train Vega to counter them.

  • On the serious turtle Vegas, play the chicken strategy, which entails getting a lead, then running across the screen. From there you can spend the rest of the match turtling, countering his Wall Dives, punishing his Rolling Crystal Flash with a well timed Drill, and countering his jump ins with Thrust Kicks and cr. fierce.

  • Crossing up in this matchup requires good accuracy so practice a bit first.

  • If Vega use that invincible backflip, punish with a throw (He’s completely vulnerable at the end I believe).

  • A more cheeky method of dealing with Vega’s cr. strong is a ground to ground Thrust Kick, which may surprise him and force him to attempt other tactics.

With Blanka, remember that your j. jab and j. strong will beat basically all the Blanka balls, and so does st. jab. If you’re close in on him, attack pretty relentlessly. If you’re not, approach carefully – throw a few st. jabs close together and then take a few steps forward, them jab a little more. You want to be on the offensive for the most part in this fight, and when you’re out of your own reach you want the jabs in the back of his head to let him know (if he doesn’t already) that you will not be hit by random balls. Take that stuff away from him and most Blankas will be out of their comfort zone where they have to start attacking you with other stuff, either by jumping in (cannon spike), trying to get into bite ticks without a charge (various reversals work better with no balls charged), or freelancing with normals when your moves are quicker than his and you’ve got more access to your special moves. Cannon drills will beat electricity, and you can throw them out of it with hooligan too.


Ryu (shotos)
Backfist tears shotos up. It is too easy to backfist on reaction to a fireball and blocked or hit, you now have the advantage. Wakeup lk cannon spike is godly. Cannon spikes will also stop almost any jump in. Cannon drill pressure when you have the advantage. What tactics from shotos are you having trouble with, because I’ve had more trouble with Sagat han any of the other shotos. One thing that is definitely worth doing with Ryu is Hooligan instead of backfist because of his new fake fireball. I played one match yesterday where all I did was practice the spacing of different hooligans over fireballs…I lost of course but the skill is worth learning. He can’t sweep you out of Hooligan throw. If you are a bit farther away you’d have to test whether the low kick hooligan ending beats a sweep. You need to watch out for jab SRK though if you are going for a close Hooligan throw vs a fake fireball.


Guile gets the RH FK (no more baiting him with jab Hooligans or backfists), but Cammy gets the safer drill and the strong and fierce backfists. Guile still wins it 6-4, of course (maybe 7-3), but it doesn’t seem any harder – I still get spanked by excellent turtle Guiles, but then anyone who plays a good turtle game will beat Cammy soundly, since that was and still is her big weakness. (Presumably, having an unblockable ranged attack and deadly combos puts her in the same keep-away-at-all-costs class and Zangief and T.Hawk.)


And here is that post:

Cammy vs. Honda. She can low strong to beat hundred hands. She can jump straight up strong to beat it (her jump straight up strong is crazily high priority, the hands are very low priority now). She can Cannon Drill repeatedly to do block damage. If she happens to get hit by hands somewhere in there, she’s not nearly as bad off as before because hands do less damage. It’s even somewhat reasonable to try crossup short on Honda if you knock him down. It’s less bad than ST considering her ability to pressure is up, Honda’s hands are worse, and his ochio throw isn’t repeatable and does only half the dizzy

-Cammy Opinion/Strats

-Okay, I’ll say this once, and say it again. DO NOT abuse Hooligan Rolls. For the GREATER GOOD OF ALL CAMMY PLAYERS, don’t abuse Hooligan Rolls. Hooligan Rolls are really good, but they are easily countered when expected. If you abuse them on your opponents, they will become trained to responding to them. Even though Hooligan Rolls are really good and easier to do in this game, I refrain from using them a lot, because you NEED them in key situations to win. Trust me, when you play against a really good player, they will destroy your Hooligan Rolls if you rely on them as offense. Honestly, the correct way to use Hooligan Rolls is NOT as offense. Hooligan Rolls are always the OTHER option. Never the first option. If you use it as the first option, it won’t work as well.

What do I mean by this? Easy. Use the Spin Knuckles, Cannon Drills, and Low Forwards as your first option. And once you get good enough with Cammy to lockdown and rushdown opponents so they become less prone to try and counter poke you, that’s when you start to use the Hooligan Roll.

For example: Max range Short Cannon Drill is REALLY effectively followed up by another Short Cannon Drill. Both are safe and the second one tends to hit Low Forwards and other such counters. So once the opponent gets the idea and blocks the second Cannon Drill, substitute Hooligan Roll instead.

Another example: Peg the enemy with Max range Low Forward. DO NOT BUFFER. Follow up with a Short Cannon Drill. This gives people enough rope to hang themselves. It’s weird, but it works. Low Forward, don’t buffer, Short Cannon Drill. People get hit by that all day. Once they get the idea, mix it up with tip Low Forward, DO NOT BUFFER, Hooligan Roll. It sounds like it should be slower and more easily punished, but for some reason, the weird awkward pause throws people off.
I saw the best Cammy player in Japan do this in Vanilla ST. Low Forward, don’t buffer, either Short Cannon Drill or Hooligan Roll. And fools were getting torn up. So always think of the Hooligan Roll as a companion piece, not the main offense. Basically, here’s the rule with Cammy: if you are fighting your opponent, and you cannot drain at LEAST 75% of their life without Hooligan Rolls, you need to learn Cammy better. Because if you rely on Hooligan Rolls to drain over 25% of their life, eventually you will reach a point where your Hooligans are more easily stopped. People I’ve played a lot got really wise to my Hooligans once I started to abuse them. When I strengthened the rest of my game up, the Hooligans became even more potent and deadly, and most importantly, they almost become a trump card, getting you free damage in very key moments. One Hooligan to get you in close and get them on the ground can mean the difference of the match. But if you go for more Hooligans after one, you’ll often find yourself countered with YOU on the ground, and it all goes to pot. Cammy needs to keep the opponent on the ground, and wins matches sometimes just by getting one knockdown. If you save your Hooligans to get you that once knock-down for free, it can mean all the difference
-Jchensor -> lk.Cannon Drill

This is the bread and butter to my Cammy. This is easily spamable as the poke ( puts her often at perfect range for a lk.Cannon Drill, which keeps her safe. The biggest part of this though is seeing your opponents reactions immediately after. Often times you just want the poke-drill to be on it’s own. It leaves you safe and gives your opponent the sense that you loose control of the match after the sequence (Which is a falsehood). Some opponents continue to block, allowing you to move in to try this again to force their reaction, while others try and gain control by throwing out a poke/fireball/dragon punch maneuver. The nice part of this is alot of players are pretty consistent, and since this maneuver is for the most part safe, you can actually extend the pressure appropriately.
If you find they try to take back the control/pressure/attack by sticking something out, the reaction time of doing a Cannon Spike by buffering it behind lk.Cannon Drill is amazing, giving you the knockdown to set up the trap again. Sometimes if they block you can maintain the illusion of pressure by repeating this maneuver until they try something rash as an appropriate response. Lastly, because you have used this to ‘train’ your opponent to expect poke-lk.cannon drill, you can actually switch it up to go into Hooligan Combo-to-Frankenstiener Throw. It should be noted that for Hooligan Combo to Frankenstiener Throw to be effective, it should be completely pushed out of your opponents mind. Some players will find awnsers that snuffs both drill and spike (Well executed Shoryuken for instance), so you have to be sure you trained the responce out of your opponent. Once one of these hits, your opponent tends to panic, waiting for the next one (If this is the case, it should never come out a 2nd time, it’s done more damage to your opponent than any combo could).
Spinning Backfist

One of the staples to Cammy’s offense is to suddenly burst through an opponent’s zoning game with Spinning Backfist. This is a move that is often under great scrutiny, as it’s not safe, but offer’s Cammy one of her best options to get in on an opponent. During it’s hop motion, Cammy cannot be struck by projectiles (Save for Akuma’s air fireball), and is immune to low attacks. LP varrient sees the most action from agressive cammy players, as she is able to do react to common attack strings that end in fireball, alowing Cammy a knockdown and a chance to gain control of the match. Also, it means her footsies are considerably better than most, since many characters rely on a low hitting crouch poke to do anything, cammy can bypass these and two-hit them.
Another common point is Cammy is fully comfortable just holding back against projectile characters and just spamming lp.spinning backfist to build meter with there opponents. This can lead to some interesting trickery, as using LP.Spinning Backfist sets you up closer to your opponent, enough so that most shotos may try for another fireball.This is where HP.Spinning Backfist comes into play. Where as LP varient is excellent for answering close up zoning and projectile pressure, HP can seem to come out of nowhere. It’s not even remotely safe, so you have to set up your opponent at roughly 3/8ths screen distance. The big advantage is with Cammy having some of the best movement speed, she can very well go from full screen to half-screen distance in a blink, making it hard for an opponent to be sure if the projectile he throws will be enough to stop you from reacting with Spinning Backfist to knock him down.


I’m going to start with THE question. How are you supposed to play Cammy against HD Honda?

There’s probably something I don’t know, but it’s almost as frustrating as it is in ST.


Honestly… nothing. Again. Just like ST. :mad:

A turtle honda will sit there and you can’t really do shit. Maybe a couple of solid safe drills will break his shell, but damn, it’s a battle.


how well does hooligan throw work (in that matchup). I do lots of jump straight up HK and its worked a little bit.

Also, what her best jumping attack for a cross up? Is it jumping medium punch?

I like being able to throw everywhere

i hate being air thrown out of holligan though

#5 for crossups, iirc.

Not sure about the hooligans, I suspect you can do them pretty safely as long as honda doesn’t have charge. But when he is sitting back… I don’t know what to do haha.

I hope jchensor or Milo see this thread. :woot:


ya i’m actually having some problem against him also a little bit

my record with cammy is 188-76 right now so i’m doin ok since i don’t know shit about super turbo but i’m learning

i finally got wakeup SRK down though with that piano meathod, never tried it before yesterday


Nice, that’s a good record. Damn, you’ve played a lot of ranked matches haha.

Spinning Backfist is SO money now.


she needed her drill kick in the hooligan…


Dive kick would have definitely been super nice, but… no. We’ll just have to deal with it haha.


another nice thing would have been more invincibility on her cannon spike… but whatever… i think now that t.hawk, gief, and blanka are much better… cammy is the worst in the game… :frowning:


This ;_;

As long as Honda has a charge, it seems like a losing battle. I only fought a handful of Hondas this afternoon, but lost to almost all of them (getting particularily obliterated by GuileMike’s).

Any help or suggestions on this matchup would be greatly appreciated :sad:


Subscribing. I suck complete ass.


Add me and we’ll get a few games in. I’m not stellar either haha.


Her pokes are doing me justice, I like her…


haha yah, is ridiculous awesome. Not Chun awesome, but still awesome.

You wouldn’t believe how often I land meaty It’s retarded. I just have to practice my links.


have there been any rediculous changes for cammy, or would i be able to learn something or another by going through the st forums?
i want to main her in this.

and about that new spinning knuckle, i went through a rival cammy’s cannon drill with it, i wasn’t aware that it had low body invicibility, thought it was just mid…


They changed the backfist to have full invul except for her head. It’s so she can hop over lows and get in there with the quickness.

The ST cammy thread is still really useful, most of that stuff still applies. It just needs to be tweaked to take the HDR adjustments into account.


Yeah on some characters I take the risk, it links nicely. Shame her Spiral Arrow doesn’t combo on everyone at sweep range though otherwise she’d be godly.


Not really. I said it in the main Remix thread, if you have enough time to pull off the Dive Kick, you could have grabbed the enemy already. There isn’t anything the Dive Kick can add to her game because Hooligan is so fast.

So the question against Honda… how do win vs. him? Well, I’ve always insisted in vanilla ST that Honda Vs. Cammy was 10-0. It’s not as bad now. Basically, the strategy, and I’m not even kidding now, is to get a lead, and run away. Now that you have a safer Cannon Drill, you actually HAVE ONE option of trying to get in damage. And if you draw first blood, then run away and just Jump Straight up and Down until you see Honda Headbutt. Your strong will beat it, and if he does it later, you can land and Cannon Spike it.

However, this didn’t even work in vanilla ST because the Hand Slaps kicked your ass. Seriously, those things DESTROYED Cammy. People don’t realize this, but Honda didn’t even NEED to turtle to kill Cammy. He could Hand Slap her to death. But turtling her to death was more insulting. Now that the Hand Slaps aren’t as evil and she can stop them easier, she actually stands a SMALL chance of turtling him back.

If Honda has the lead, however, I don’t know what to tell you. lol! Just… try to get a Cannon Drill in from time to time. I’ll experiment with the Spin Knuckle, because it goes past Honda’s Low Jabs and Low Strongs, but it’s not like he can’t react with a Fierce Headbutt real quickly and hit you anyhow. So I dunno. I’ll have to play it more and experiment with it. Just be trickier with your Cannon Drills. Since they are a LOT more safe, you might be able to catch Honda more often than before. Just don’t be predictable with them.

  • James


jchensor: Thanks!

Yah, I’ve been doing max range drills to get some damage in on Honda, but if he even guesses ONCE right, you’ll be behind in health and it’s a uphill battle from there.