Cannon Spike xx FADC(b) xx Ultra

Ok I’m new to SF4 (just got it yesterday … thanks for inspiration evo stream!) and I just love Cammy!

Ok now back on topic, I’m having serious problems doing the above mentioned combo, cannon spike into ultra. Now I can do cannon spike xx fadc(f) xx cannon spike 9/10 times in a combo and 10/10 if I just go for that particular part, but for the life of me I can’t get the ultra to connect. Every time my Cammy seems to far away for the ultra to hit! Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

BTW: I have no problems with the easier dp xx fadc xx ultra combos, like Ryu’s or Sagat’s, but damn I can’t get Cammy’s to work!

I have the same problem. But honestly I haven’t given it that much effort. Just learned FADC after all. Still, some tips would be nice :smile:

Cammys has to be done very quickly compared to Ryu. You should be inputting the double qcf while the backdash is animating, and the input should come at the soonest possible frame when shes done dashing. Basically, you just have to do it very very fast.

Yep…you have to do it faster…

Because I’ve gotten so used to the cammy version, I have trouble doing the Ryu DP xx FADC xx Ultra because I do it too fast…and the char doesn’t fall in time…fireball whizzes right under.

Try going straight from the second :l: input for the FABDC into a half circle for the first part of the ultra. Gotta be really quick

There is the tendency for the game to detect the fast ultra motion as EX Cannon Spike (non-EX if you don’t have bar). Try holding the last :r: (or :l: if you are facing left) until the animation for the ultra launches. If you release it too soon, you will highly probably just get Cannon Spike.

I missed alot of ultra’s until i did this and now i have alot more success
So cspike :mp::mk: :l: :hcf: :qcf: :3p:
Very important like said above to end at :r: so u dont get canon spike.

thanks for the tips, i finally hit it!

Yeah it’s MUCH harder then the other fadc xx ultra combos with other characters… i can only get it about 3/10! ><

I’ll hit the ultra 3/10 but the other 7/10 times i will keep getting that damn ex cannon spike you guys warned me about! If I try holding :r: before hitting :3k: i always end up being too slow! I’m trying to just do it FAST because if i try to use that :hcf: motion it always ends up being too slow. Maybe I just suck with :hcf: motions, but i can only get it to connect when i go straight for :l::l:, :qcf::qcf: :3k: …

I find if I miss the ultra after the dash cancel theres a different reason for each side of the screen. If I miss it on the 1p side its because I hit kick buttons to early, usually on :df: so get a cannon spike, on the 2p side I miss the :d: for the second quarter circle and get a cannon spike that way. I have to be very deliberate and think the input through to land it, can’t quite do it off instinct just yet.

Your notation should look something like this:

:dp:+:k:, :mp:+:mk::l::l:, Neutral, :qcf::qcf:+:3k:

Everything should be done in steps. Input your Cannon Spike, press the focus then dash backwards, go to neutral (let go of the stick/pad for a moment), buffer the QCF x2 behind the dash, press 3K just as she exists her dash.

If that doesn’t help then simply grind it out until it does work.

Yeah, her ultra connects to falling opponents a bit differently, you have to activate it while the other player is higher up in their fall. MOST of the time if you do it immediately you should hit them.

(there have been a couple times where I’ve done it TOO early and i go under them… so beware of that.)

yeah looking at my inputs, i keep missing the :d: of the 2nd :qcf: probably due to me trying to whip it out so fast…

I hope you have better luck than me trying to stop that as I’ve been practicing for weeks knowing thats my problem and for the life of me can’t stop :rofl: When I do pull it off it always feel like I’ve gone to far over, like over to :db: or :l: for the second quarter circle, its probably how I’m holding the stick.

Anyone using a joystick? If so square gate or octagonal? I’m using a square and I can just about whip it out on impulse on the 2p side but fail in epic proportions on 1p side. I’m sure it’s not the stick’s fault but rather the user’s:sweat:. Still. I’m curious to see if actually feeling the stick lock into the :r: position makes doing motions a bit more simple.

I keep missing it from the left side. So freaking frustrating. But I guess it’s a stiick-learning-thingie…

At least so I hope badly. I miss either down or forward 95% of the time.

I’m using an octo gate, SA are definitely easier to make but because there are no “corners” as with the square gate I find myself not low-guarding when I intend to during matchups, which is very frustrating.

Quick Cannon Spikes are easier as well, even tho I only manage them on 2p side ATM.