cannon spike

When i play as cammy i usually do her cannon spike(her AA move) through a hailstorm and it goes all the way through. I was just waondering if this was a good idea or can it be punished?

it should catch her when she’s on the way down, if not then, storm should be able to dash in a kick your sorry ass.


geos through storm and cable super

yeah goes through whole hailstorm , but yeah, ad.df+lk owns that shit. oh well

it does work and its best if storm is right above cammy to knock her out. i dont like doing it myself cuz u might get hit at the very top. some cammy masters i.e. shogun have no problem doing it every time.

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If you’re already in the cannonspike motion, can you cancel it into KBA? My Cammy is a bit rusty but IRC that also goes through beams and stuff.

The 1st few frames of KBA are NOT invincible, so if Cammy were to cannon spike xx kba against hailstorm, she would get hit out of it.

Against Cable though, however, you can cannon spike thru AHVB, and wait until she’s high enough to be out of range, and then cancel into KBA, and punish Cable for it.

On a random note, I use Cammy/Morrigan/Tron.

Actually, if you just hit qcb+pp on reaction when you see her reeling back, you’ll be str8. there are a few vulnerable frames of the KBa, but there cant be too many, because I’ve never lost a Hail vs. KBA to my knowledge. . .

Something I’d really like to be able to do is Cannon Spike on reaction to AHVB, then KBA him at the height of the Spike. It’s possible, albeit more difficult than a Spiral teleport. It also won’t work if there’s an assist blocking your path.

Cammy’s invincible on her way to the wall for a KBA. If I’m correct, she has very few vulnerable frames, and they’re all when she’s just leaving the ground. . . I’ve tested that. . .so cancelling in the middle of the cannon spike would most likely get you vaped, so just KBA on reaction should be a little safer. . . I’ll check it out whenever I get a chance.

P.S. if Cable has doom, you might want to sit your ass down and block. Too many times I’ve hit that little ass pebble at the top and bounced off it, hangs head only to be flamed to bloody hell. . .

Cancelling at the height of the Cannon Spike will avoid gunfire, unless Cable is very high in a jump. Mastering this tactic would allow you to KBA on reaction to gunfire, instead of guessing.

I was about to argue the point, but then I read Dasrik’s signature. . . .Joo are grayter. . .

The KBA super goes through all energy attacks, only the physical attacks stop it. Now because of this i got a question myself, does the tempest count as a physical attack or energy?? Because it happened to me that the tempest would stop the KBA, but the other day I did the KBA at the fall of a SJ and hit magneto on the tip of his helmet and pull him up out of his supper without any of his things of the tempest hitting Cammy. To tell you the truth i felt lucky, but made the other guy think i knew what i was doing:lovin: :sweat:

Mag’s tempest is physical. When you super jump for some reason most of Mag’'s tempest shards dont even show up. For example, get mag to od a ground tempest, ten SJ and fly with Sent. Until he comes back down that that little required flight height in regards to the opponent, none of the shards come up. So you would see that only like 5 or 6 Tempest shards. Did you get that? There’s got to be a better way to explain this. . .