Cannon Spiked!(TalbainEric)


I know I’m probably too late to put this in the cammy and talbain contest but here’s a cammy I did for you TalbainEric. Happy two year aniversery!

Squad Omaha 4 eva!



Now THAT is how I want to CG.

giggles at the nifty ‘highlight’

ahem…very cool.


that’s pretty badass


Heh, I’ve seen that used before a few times. On (face) cheeks, too.

Really cool picture, Baki!


:eek: That is nice, especially the hair. :smiley:
Great piece indeed. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Hot damn that is good stuff.


Actually, I’m not falcon but my wife Junko and I have been corresponding with him and he is now giving me pointers on improving my style. He has a big capcom influence just like me that’s why I feel like I have a lot in common and a lot I could learn from him. Anyway thx for the props on the pic if anyone else has requests just give them to me and I ll try to get it done if possible.

(Actually his name is falcon not falcoon I guess he didn’t know the correct english when he came up with the name).:stuck_out_tongue:

Squad Omaha 4 eva!





That’s so Almondny man! The rest of the pic is also well done. However it seems to me her right cheek(us left)isn’t as round. Did you make the square-ish shape on purpose?


ha-ha, actually if you get a girl to do that pose for you you’ll see that leaning on one leg causes a distortion of the buttocks, that’s just the way that pose looks(good thing I got my wife to model for me!). hey Dreaded Fist, have you ever tried a book called dynamic anatomy? It could teach you a lot about distortion and foreshortening.

Squad Omaha 4 eva!



Here it is! and Used



You lucky man :slight_smile: .
Falco(o)n’s probably the most inspirational artist to me right now, heh. That guy can pump out the pictures.


That butt is so very fascinating :smiley:


Dude YOU know Falcon ,:stuck_out_tongue: I so wanna be you lol:lol:


thats beautiful! very peaceful and the detail of her hair is amazing!! :eek:


:eek: drooling


thats what i had thought about the buttock too. Sadly I don’t have a wife to model for me. But thanx for the book suggestion I’ll be sure to pick that up.


Damn, that is freakin’ awesome!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

What program do u use to color Baki. I’m just starting to color pics, but they don’t even come close to being that good.

Excellent work!!! :cool:



I use photoshop 5.5 I’ve been experementing with it and I m just starting to realy tap into the program to cg. Like I said I would like to make a tutorial but I cant get anyone to help me do it around here yet

Squad O 4 life !



…Cammy…Beautiful!! how do U do it?