Cannon Strike Shenanigans

Okay, so we all know about the possibilities that cammy has when a cannon strike has hit or been blocked. Im going to bring up one specific situation that has never happened to me before: After a blocked cannon strike, I attempt to throw. Throws are active in 3 frames. I was fighting against my friend that decided to jump backwards instead of teching or poking the throw.

Normally a poke or a tech would beat a throw, but how does a jump back escape it too. Doesnt it take 4 frames to jump.

Is it just my timing…
What would you guys do against people that just jump back after a blocked cannon strike

Pre-jump frames cannot be thrown. That’s why you can escape Gief’s SPD ticks by holding up every time.

It’s actually easy to stop people from Jumping away. Just do TKCS into Low Short. It combos on Block and if people are holding up to Jump, they aren’t Low Blocking so they’ll get hit.

  • James

Depend on your strike landing height… If you landed high (above the waist), then you don’t have positive frame advantage, so when you attempt to throw, it is actually buffered by the negative frame advantage first so by the time the active frames of the the throw comes out, your opponent already jumped away. If you landed low or used TK CS (below the waist), its more difficult for your opponent to simply jump away since you have positive frame advantage and he’s still in block/hit stun.

As James already mentioned, is good to stop jumpers, but for myself, I use standing mk since it comes out fairly fast and has the longest reach so very difficult for anyone to simply jump away from it…

i agree with faux i use s.MK a lot of jumpers kick as great range along with jumping mk. Those kicks are under used. Anyway now if i threw a cannon strike and someone blocked me. could i jump with them and air throw maybe jump mk. Now i havent tried these because thats never happened to me but throwing stuff out there

I can’t get the TKCS to hit after land from a blocked high-up normal Cstrike, they can jump away. Am I doing it too slow or something?

The other night i was on a green connection with my friend that lives 30 minutes away. After he blocked a Cstrike that hit above the waist, I could not for the life of me land a Low Short. I tried for like 5 minutes to land it. Could it still be lag?

Thats creative, lol. Im gonna try it.

James just means to do a low short after the TKCS. TKCS > TKCS is good to counter throw attempts and a few other things but it wont stop anyone from jumping. If you do an instant CS and they try to jump back, a low short will hit them in their pre jump frames