cannon strike



how to do cannon strike on the ground


If your trying to do it in AE, you can’t do it anymore!! Only the EX version lets you do it on the ground!


how to do the cannon strike in super street fighter 4


It’s called the Tiger Knee Cannon Strike. Please read the stickied threads before you post, this is a very common question.

-**The “Tiger Knee” Cannon Strike
**-Motion- QCB,UF+K

Thats Quater Circle Back, Up Foward plus a kick.


can also do it with a qcb and up back plus kick


Can only only do it this way if it’s EX. Regular CS can only be done with forward jump arcs while EX can be done in any jump angles.


talking bout the motion not the jump arc cant do ground tkcs anymore


I smell a troll