Cannon Busters is featured in this months PLAY MAGAZINE!!!

The cutting edge contemporary videogame/media magazine pays props to LeS! Below are images from the massive 3 page interview where LeS discusses with editor in chief Dave Halverson, about what drives him, the possibilities of a Cannon Busters OVA and as a Console RPG on the next-generation systems!!! be sure to cop that!!!

MAY 2005 issue on SHELVES NOW!!!

for more info on lesean and cannonbusters, hit

WOW! This is big news. Looks like your idea is really taking off which much be quite exciting. Congrats man, you seem to have put in a lot of hard work, so you deserve it. What are your plans? Is an RPG on your mind :wink: ?

Mohammed Ali

Oh yeah, an RPG is definately a goal. i think i speak for anyone here who’s a fan of games that if they created their own fantasy comic, they’d like it made into a game on one of the next gen systems.

i think a cannonbusters rpg, based off the designs alone would make a sick RPG made by Square-enix.

thanks for the kudos!

more CB next month!


Good shit…

Damn, that looks fly. I’ll pick it up for sure.

I think they stop making Cannon Buster, I havn’t gotten a new issue in a while.

Udoneko said LeSean is an animator now (Boondocks) so that probably means the end of Canon Busters. Support Boondocks on Cartoon Network Sundays at 11:00 PM. :tup:

It’s coming out as a Graphic Novel.

Get yo facts straight NUGGA.

Udon kills it with the ads though.

Heh, I said ‘probably’ lollerskates.

Seriously though LeSean is one hard working dude.