Cannonspike! Take your pick

Is there any reason to use one cannonspike over the other? I figured it was always hk in vanilla and always lp in super (is lp immune to throw on startup? Less punishable?). I’ve never been able to figure out if there’s situational use for the barely differing trajectories. And it’s cannonSPIKE I’m referring to, in case anyone makes that mistake.

Since when can you Cannon Spike with a jab?

I’ll leave the error in since you’re being a smart-ass about it.

Well according to the SRK Wiki, lk.CSpike only has 4frames of invincibility while the 5th frame is throw invincible. And I am 99% sure all CSpikes can be grabbed out of (if timed right), as one time my hk.CSpike was beaten by Fuerte’s U2. None of the CSpikes are airborne until the 7th frame, so you can still be grabbed on the 6th frame.

In terms of punish-ability, they’re pretty much all very very punishable.

In terms of antiair, hk is the way to go imo. If your reactions are gdlk and you hit them with the airborne part, you get a nice 160dmg plus huge 200 stun.

In terms of reversaling, I’m thinking lk is the way to go to force a trade if they were pushing something, and then get another CSpike or go into U1? Sounds possible though I’ve never had a chance to try it.

when it trades I dont think you have the time to go for another spike? Also, only ex is grab invulnerable. As for reversals never reversal Lk to beat frame traps or low attacks on the ground or it will whiff. Only mk,Hk,Ex can hit lows. I guess you could reveral Lk during AA situations to get a trade.

I don’t usually trade with my CSpike often, but maybe you can walk up or dash up and then do another CSpike.

Hey everyone MangoDynasty is being a piece of shit again let’s laugh at him for trying to punish a light sonic boom and have him go on a 5 page tangent about it!!

“Dear Cammy Forums: I have failed you” - Geoff the Hero after Evo Online

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My own 2c. All SSFIV of course.

Sucks, but can trade. Whiffs on many crouching characters. NEVER use it as a reversal, only as AA, and ONLY if you are sure you are going to trade. If you have Super, it (Lk Super) will connect aftet the trade. Ultra works as well. Dash in CSpike works, but might be a little hard depending on the normal you trade with.

Much better hitbox, plus invincible to the first active frame. Almost impossible to make it trade. As a reversal it is pretty much equal to Hk one, there are some very, VERY low hitboxes that go under it. Covers a little different angle, but almost never comes into play. I use it (Air to Air) against characters with long jumps (Dictator, Guy, Chun etc.). Somethimes I time my HK CSpike late and it whiffs, by going too far, Mk will usually connect Air to Air.

Best one. Even better ground hitbox than Mk ver. so, always use it as a reversal. Very hard to punish (for some charcters, even impossible) if it is whiffed against a jumping opponent (unless you fly into the corner).

Unthrowable, and if stuffed you will get an air reset (or a whiff). So, you might use it against crossups, when not sure that CSpike will autocorrect. Eating a jump normal > eating a combo. It has Mk version angle, so it is very punishable on whiff in a situation like this (opponent goes for a crossup, and your EX Cspike whiffs).

Nah, you go straight into the second one. Looks really good actually, when it happens.

I just played against a neck breaker spamming ibuki and i lost lol. I got rid of losing to fucking sweep spamming shotos(could ryu’s sweep be faster or what? go capcom buff him a little more he is not broken enough for a 5 year old to use!) so i was just fooling around.

She could neck break me as i was doing cannon drill, she also neck breaked me as i was doing a cannon spike. Was a very fun match, i guess i am so mad i can kill somebody right now.


in all seriousness. ryus sweep is punishable on block by FREAKING ULTRA!

arrow and if you are close you can, mk arrow. or ex strike over it for full combo.

the same for ibuki, block then punish.


you know there is a thread for questions and stuff… chances are people are gonna get lest upset answering your questions if you post them there.

I am not asking something here, i know the ways to punish those attacks. I am just flaming here, not crying.

sorry but everytime i see things like “could ryu’s sweep be faster or what? go capcom buff him a little more he is not broken enough for a 5 year old to use!” i deduce the player is a scrub-noob-begginer and is asking for advice in the wrong thread, but you are right you are not asking about anything here so yeah i can just write: lolololol you just got owned by a scrub spamming online tactics

btw weren’t you the one crying about the shoto matchup for cammy in that other thread? lol

Cammy vs Shoto is:

  1. get a knockdown
  2. ???
  3. profit

As for cannon spike, if you’re doing a 50/50, use HK (or ex). If you’re going for air to air, use either HK or LK. LK you can sometimes make a trade; dash up DP or ultra or you can spiral arrow to stay on top of them. I don’t think you have enough time to do a dive kick mixup though… I’d have to test that again.

also MK Spiral Arrow is a cool anti-air

Also, if you want variety you could go for Hk SA reset if they threw out an air normal or you could go for Lk/Mk Arrow trade into ultra. One more thing you could do which is very impractical is if they throw out jump in and land they im pretty sure they have 4 frames of lag before they can block? (correct me if im wrong) you could jump back to avoid the aerial then Ex strike into pretty much any combo. I’ve only did it a couple times in training mode the timing is strict if it’s possible could of been a recording error need to test it to atleast see if its possible