Cannot assign throws to 1 button in Marvel...?


Wait… what? That means no throwing in Marvel? That automatically disqualifies me. Thanx.

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Please tell me this is just some cheeky attempt at humor.

Some games have button combination throws (Tekken 5, Alpha 3, 3rd Strike, etc.). In those, you cannot use button Macros for Throws.

  • James

Dude, I know that. Yeah, it was supposed to be ammusing. Thanx.

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according to the rules, I can’t MAP a button to a single command.


can I WIRE a button to a single command? I’ve got a button wired to down+punch for VF4Evo…

So does this count :3p: and :3k: too? I’m just curious.

Actually I was wondering if I could mod a pad that could have 2 buttons wired to just one single button. Is dash included in the no nos? Thanx.

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Anytime ANY controller has anything mapped, modded, etc. so that one button acts as, what would normally be, two separate buttons, it is disqualified.

So mapping one button to 3 punches or 3 kicks, and modding a pad to have one button press two at the same time… yeah, both of those are illegal.

  • James

But on 3S and other fighting games on PS2 the L buttons are already mapped as :3p: and :k::k::k: ?

Yes, and when you play at Evo, they will be UNMAPPED. :slight_smile:

I don’t care if the home versions have those as default. Do not use them as a crutch. They will not be allowed.

  • James

Y’all listen to Jchensor. Man is a prophet from the future when it comes to SF.

Who wants a side match in marvel with button mapping allowed, i got some air dash combos ready!!!