Cannot connect sql server


Hello everyone,

I cannot connect sql server…get the following error: Cannot open user default database.
Can anyone provide some direction on how to repair sql server?

Thanks in advance


We kinda focus more on fighting game equipment tech here. I’d suggest asking a web server based forum or something like that to get reliable answers to your question.


Well unfortunatly your question is quite an open and general one. I would look for SQL support forums. Maybe use google. And since this is a forum for fighting games (and more appropriatly relating tech), I doubt you will get anyone inclined to help.

However if you want pointing in the right direction… check your login settings for the database.


Youre beeing far too vague about your sql issue aswell. Are you trying to connect to ms sql server from visual studio? Any other IDE? Or are you getting this in some app youre trying to use that just reports this error?


Yes I am getting the error from Visual Studio


Its been ages since i booted VS but i remember i ran into problems everytime i tried to connect after a fresh install. Do you have IIS enabled?


Each user has a default database. When you connect to computer that is running Microsoft SQL Server, and you do not specify a login database, the default database is used. To avoid the error try this app - SQL Server Repair Toolbox
It repairs data types, views, procedures, tables, keys, indexes and other objects


Thank you all for your advice! The issue has been resolved