Cannot defeat balrog



Hell, I can barely touch him. This is no joke, I can barely do 25% damage on him. It’s impossible. I can’t find anything that can touch his jabs and little sweep. It’s funny because he always seems to know EXACTLY what i’m doing no matter who the player is… I’m just so frustrated. Once I see balrog, I loose all hope. I’ve just recently thrown my ps3 controller at the floor in frustration; its now broken. Mainly for being such a shitty controller for this game and missing my low rolls into super which always changes the tide of battle in my opponents favor. I can’t poke, i can’t jab, I cant do ANYTHING. I know I can TT his pounces, but I just can’t get the timing down i guess. Surely there is another alternative to facing him? I don’t know, i’m just so pissed off that I have to play that style. It’s too aggrivating. I’m debating just throwing the match when I see balrog from now on instead of my controller…


Fighting games 101: If you’re finding it hard vs a character it’s because that player is asking you to play outside of your normal box.

Balrog being top tier in super aside.
Use u2 [watch out for him ultra-supering your ultra] it’s great for bullldoggers and jump ins [remember balrog can’t cross you up] as is ex falling sky [if you’re crouching: use the df, f, df shortcut so you don’t stand up or walk forward before ex fs comes out; it lowers the margin of error].
Standing LK is your best friend.
Block low as standard and BE PATIENT.
Get a knock down and pressure his wake up.
His options are limited on wake up so knock him down and rock up to him, close standing round house is good as are cross ups.
Take it to training mode and dummy record his wake up options [t.a.p, ultra2, jabs, block, ex whatevers,] and what of yours beats what of his.

ALSO! Do balrog’s challenges, that way you know for certain what’s coming after what opening move and when a natural break happens.

Read this:
There is PHENOMENAL information on that match up from some great players.
Watch the included youtube.
Use the god damn search function. :expressionless:


Thanks man, the s LK works really well, now i can actually contest with it. I’m going to practice some more with the TT and that should win me some rounds. I just have to make sure i don’t jump in, or pick it carefully. rog really knows how to punish my jump in’s with ultras and supers… so it’s a rock and roll match for me.

I realllly appreciate it. I now know the match isn’t so one sided anymore…


Thanks so much dude, I’ve now beaten some balrogs and throw their strat up with the lk’s which allows me to put in a few wheel kicks and mess them up even more. I’m forever grateful man! I feel more confident and well, I am better now. Thanks dude!


close roundhouse works well on his wakeup if you time it correctly, it’ll beat out headbutts (non-ex) and any normals as well as hit him while he’s crouching.
sorry, majic i skimmed and didn’t notice you mentioned it, lol


No problem my dude.


just mix it up, do a couple cr. lk and throw in a TT or if you know hes gonna poke a lot, throw out the EX TT. thats what i do. :smiley:


You have to play the Rog match in bits and pieces. Its not one of those matches you can really keep much of a pace with. You have to gain a life lead and kinda sit and maintain it.
You also have to play it in situations, not exactly a whole piece. Mid game is entirely different from corner. Corner game is the hardest to learn in the Rog match but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not THAT bad but still hard enough.
Technically, Rog can win with just 2 buttons, st jab and st RH. I also don’t care what anyone says, this match is not 5/5. You get 2 players that REALLY and I mean REALLY know the match, and it’s 7/3 for Rog at worst, but average Rogs make the match a 5/5.


What I do in these matches:
-s.Mp stuffs balrog as he is rushing in from a distance except ex-version, but in these cases if you have enough time to react then you can also input TT
-If balrog likes to jump fierce in on you then either ex-cod or ex-TT (stricter timing)
-Use sweeps every once in a while
-Focus Attack works very well against Rog then follow-up with a low short attack or TT if it is a good crumple
-Balrog’s like to crouch alot so overheads are great on wake up as mentioned previously or even after blocked f+mk followed by overhead, just watch out for reversal head butt, but at this point you should be holding back anyways if you are expecting a reversal
-Using Meter is really key against Rog
-In the corner wake-up TT will do, just watch out for neutral jumps or roll when safe but most good Rogs will be ready to grab you when you roll out of the corner, don’t do this immediately when pressured.
-Get comfortable blocking and dashing back or jumping up when you sense a tick throw
-Just relax

Anyways, there is more but this is what comes to mind right now.


You have to watch Rog’s movement carefully. When he’s walking forward he’s coming to poke, grab, or jump in. Obviously he’s not charging so meet him with a jump in or, change of direction. On knock down I like to empty roll, and make him whiff a headbutt or just back off if he doesn’t react. Make him think twice about spamming it on every knockdown. This will setup cross ups later on.

You say it seems that he knows what you are about to do… What it is, he has reason to believe that you are gonna roll often, and his pokes are great against Abel’s roll. You need to use his wheel kick then try rolling to setup whatever. Also, always make sure you are building meter. Rog is a turtle by nature, and he will stand back and jab and short dash punch until you make a move. LK roll often. After a while he will come to you, and that’s where you have the advantage.

When you have meter, remember to surprise him with a couple of EX change of directions as it will beat even his EX dash punches. If he backs you into a corner, EX roll out. You have no win in a corner against him. U2 is the way to go. Frustrated Rogs often jump in, or if you crouch too much they will recklessly use that overhead dash punch. There will always be opportunities to get it off. That’s how I play rog, and it works… The best thing you can do is stay out of the air. Build meter whenever possible, and EX roll when in doubt.


You haven’t played any rogs worth their shit yet. You don’t jump on rog just because he doesn’t have a charge, headbutt isn’t his best AA. Also good rogs won’t headbutt on wakeup that easily or spam overhead. lol at rog being a turtle.


Careful fellas Candace is a troll.

Just a couple of corrections:
He CAN cross you up but only when you are in your delayed ultra 2 stance.
The falling sky shortcut is df, D, df and not df, f, df, like I said.


Oh alright then. There is so much wrong with that post it’s not even funny anymore.