Cannot do cr.jab>close st.fierce into FADC bnb. Help!

The basic link of cr.jab into standing fierce is something I can do no problem (and also pulling off the tatsu immediately afterwards). But when I try to cancel the standing fierce into fireball (that I later FADC into the bnb) I always get crouching fierce instead, and the link does not connect. I’ve tried this over and over and can only successfully pull it off every once and awhile. The joystick motion is very tedious as I have to hold down, then let go and link into fierce then immediately hold down again (for the fireball) and almost always results into me getting a cr.fierce.

Is there any shortcut or tips people could tell me to help me out with this combo, cause I imagine it being absolutely crucial for hit confirming.

EDIT: oh and also, how long did it take for you guys to master the combo. Cause if it was really simple for you guys, then thats not good at all

seems simple to me… your doing the motion for fireball too fast… the way i first started practicing it was by doing it slow where it doesnt combo at first and just speed up slowly…emphasize letting your arcade stick return to a neutral position for the st. fierce… and Plinking does help …

Just leave the stick back to neutral position and hit the fierce then quickly do the fireball motion. Cancelling normals from a standing position was way harder for me then cancelling off crouching normals, you just got to keep doing it until it comes out naturally, I still mess it up every once in a while because I don’t practice it enough.

maybe try doing a half circle to do the fireball, so cr.jab, back+fierce, half circle forward+fierce

I had a similar problem and started getting it 100% of the time by using negative edge.

So basically, c.lp > press hp > do a qcf > release hp

It’s really easy this way, give it a try.

This is the ONLY way for me

break it down.
you’re doing fb motion too fast.
or try buffering your FADC with the ->, (->, MK+MP) for FADC

Was also having inconsistent results doing this. I’ll try the negative edge, felt slightly awkward.

The negative edge thing is definitely helping me out. Now I just gotta get the FADC timing right. Thanks everybody

Another method you can try is moving the stick to up-forward and then hitting punch. I had a hard time in 3rd strike linking supers off of hit confirming crouching lights but by moving the stick to uf, it really helped.