Cannot find youtube vid of Zangief actually BEATING El Fuerte



What the hell, this match is just stupid.

Zangief has no chance unless he is a good guesser.


here you go




vs tetsu


Yeah, most online Fuertes play like that and are pretty awful. They keep doing the same unsafe stuff over and over again. I guess it works for people that have no idea how to play the match up so they never learn. And random ultras FTL…


Well…uhm…unless something has changed - almost ALL of EFs ‘current’ move set - is unsafe…especially against Gief. He has some decent mixups on wake-up against Gief, but those aren’t even safe - especially since one mistake on the mixup cost him half his life…if not more.

Though I do admit - most online EFs SUCK, the good ones I’ve gone against are all SRK people who I just played online.

The matchup only…looks…bad for Gief - but as time goes on its become quite the opposite for me (my losses are to players who are just better than me - not because of match-up). Just read thru the match-up thread if your having trouble.

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You guys must be seriously Elite players. I tell you 9 out of 10 vids posted online with this matches is in favor of ElF. total mind fuckery. The only gief wins seems to be " I guessed right, finally!!!" The ones posted were hardly definitive.

WorstGiefEver Barely pulled that win off.

This one was over before it started.

The match up thread explained the rock paper scissors. I just need to see more of it in action…in giefs favor.


Got to find more good EF players first…he’s not exactly a popular character…

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I have a much better grasp on the matchup than I did during that fight, so I think I would generally do better against fuertes now. I really hate the match up though, because it feels like whenever fuerte gets the knockdown it’s a case of ‘do i jump, do i block, do i dash’. I really don’t enjoy playing fuertes. Funny thing is, this is what people probably think when they play gief. It can’t be as annoying as Fuerte though, surely.

Matchup experience is a big problem with fuerte - most of them are crap. Luckily we have Dawgtanian here in London - problem is I never get to play him unless we’re in another country! I’m going to tie him down soon to learn the matchup properly.

Another thing is, due to not knowing the matchup, I was spamming lariat like a pleb. Lariat is not of much use vs fuerte, and will get you thrown a LOT.

F Word says sweep is guaranteed after blocked splash, need to check that out myself. Also I didn’t do enough wakeup pressure with Cr. LK. I think it is much more useful than crossup splash in this matchup. Worst case scenario it causes fuerte to burn meter with ex run or whiffed tortilla to escape. Crouching Lk on wakeup also recovers fast enough to neutral jump then do whatever you want if they try wakeup ultra.


i dont play a lot with fuertes but if i remember right , beat/trade with any of those fuertes wall shit and splash also i remember when they jump at me if your fast can headbutt


Ah ya I forgot 2 add you mayne, I’m down to help any gief learn the match up or get some practice in against elf just add me on xbl. Vegita x can vouch for me if your wondering if im good or not.


funny because… when people play against you they think to themselves… do i block? (which way?) do i jump? do i dash? lol


I can Vouch for IIPeru hes nasty with el. I could use some games so i will hit you up some time. Not like you dont kick my ass enough already in champ mode.


Oh trust me, almost anyone would rather fight elf as any character rather than zangief. Elf doesn’t have anything as effective as spd or lariat. Honestly though if the elf has better yomi than you he will win every time.




It’s Sirlinese for reading minds.

I think a better way to put it would be just ‘reading’ as in “he can read you”, but people like to add mind to it :frowning:

Basically it’s Game Theory, but sort of made laughable.


You can jab SPD blocked splash if you’re quick enough. Usually, I find myself not being able to react quick enough so I just use xx EXGH. That way, if I miss, I just whiff If I hit with it, I get a knock down. And I also find that regular throw on wake up is very useful in this match up. It beats both ex run and ex guac (you recover fast enough to punish him as he lands). So the only thing he can do is jump back, back dash, or tech. But people rarely try to tech against gief. If he starts to tech, you can start throwing in the SPDs. I usually just mix it up with throw and meaties. Before it occurred to me that normal throw is good in this match up, I couldn’t figure out a good way to stop them from ex running or ex guacing.


Vouching for IIPeru got skills wit dat Mexican. I gotta throw you back on my list, its been forever and a day since we matched up. Im gonna get in your brain mayne!:karate:


Ya its prob cause I’m in sg, add me whenever mayne.