Cannot join game =/


Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to get online and play 3s via mame/kaillera. I connect to the servers etc. then I select an open game of 3s and click join but it says: “this rom is not available on your computer”. Everything should be in the correct folders as I can actually play 3s when i try to play it in mame without kaillera. Any help would be greatly appriciated,



make sure you can play the game offline first. Try activating netplay once u know it works offline.


yea, it works perfectly fine offline.


problems i get

  • people join / i join game starts and its just me playing ?
  • other times its way too laggy for anything


Has anyone been able to actually connect with u3? I got it yesterday, then went back to u2 cause I couldn’t get a game in.


seems to work just fine. I got mine directly from the DDEmeMame page.


I get a different problem with third strike…my controls randomly lock up mid match and refuse to respond. It happens periodically, the lock up occurs for about 3 seconds or so.


Make sure you guys have the latest Kaillera in ur mame folders…

Click the link…download Kawaks 1.58…then unzip all into the mame folders…


wtf :xeye:


eh no direct link to the zip for u guys ahhaha…just click the new link i edited my post with…


I downloaded the kawaks file and I’m still getting the same problem as the OP. Everything works perfect when I play it offline, but no matter what game I join it still tells me I don’t have the rom. I check to see if it’s a different version and so far I’ve always had the same version as the host.

Edit: Actually I see why it’s not working. In mame it’s listed as unavailible and not working. I still have no idea how to fix this.

Edit2: That was a stupid error. Just updated to version u3 of mame++ and it worked.