Cannot link properly

Hi there, alright i’ve been practicing on AE for a week now, and i’m really getting peeved by this game…

I’ve been in training sessions for hours and i’m still unable to perform with Bison a simple 3x c.LK link correctly… i only input the correct move one out of ten tries, while i keep hitting the button at the same pace (not too slow, not too fast), but for god knows what reason, sometimes it works, but often times it fails

i mean come on, this is a basic move, if i’m incapable of doing such a simple move after hours of training, is there any point of going more in-depth, because if this goes on i feel like i’m heading for a nervous breakdown

have any of you experienced this sort of problem on such an easy move ? if so, please let me know… at least i’ll feel less alone

Im guessing you’re tying to do the trail level 21 with Bison?

Well it honestly took me a good while to learn how to do the links rights. Just a matter of timing.

You’ll eventually get it down.

IIRC, is a 2-frame link, which means you have a ~33ms window in which to hit it. That can be pretty difficult if you’ve never played fighting games much before. You’ll just have to practice it. A lot.

In the meantime just make sure you’ve got your punish combos down, and maybe learn some easier hit confirms. I don’t know what those would be because I don’t actually play Bison, but there is a whole forum here about beating people up with M. Bison.

A week?

I’ve had SSF4 since Dec. and still haven’t gotten all the trials with nearly 100 hours done. Albeit, I have about 95% of them done… Have some patience. SF isn’t an easy game to just jump right into.

hey maybe i am expecting too much of myself

regarding links maybe its normal that it has a percentage of failure since its not supposed to be a combo

are you guys sure you’re good at linking ? arent you talking about chains instead ?

because i know my game system isn’t any different than the usual, the game is the same, and i cannot be that bad at a game that i cant link like the other players do, so i guess its just that: link sometimes fails, and other times it dont, thats my conclusion

I think it’s safe to say that most people know that a chain is a move cancelled from another and a link is independent moves linked together.

I can link with my mains in all games for those things I need to link at a 50%-100% accuracy, depending on the link and the game.

Correct, a chain is when you cancel the recovery of the previous move to the next, and a link is when you combo the next move before the recovery of the previous move ends.

Bison’s cr. jab chains together when you press them quickly, but you can delay the last jab and turn it into a link that is cancelable into a special move.

To the OP: you already made a thread asking about Bison’s cr. LK link, so you didn’t need to make another thread asking the same question.

No one is expected to get these combos down to a 100% success rate overnight. Keep practicing it in training mode every now and then while finding more practical combos that you can do with a higher success rate for actual matches in the meantime, like 2x cr.LP -> cr.LK xx LK scissor kick.

I really didn’t need your affirmation on my previous post, but thank you.

It was mostly to let the OP know what the difference between a chain and link was, because it doesn’t seem like the OP is clear on what the difference is besides the fact that chains are easier to do.

its just too bad c.LK cannot be chained for Bison like it is for Oni or Akuma, it would’ve made things so much easier…

sure i know the difference : a chain is a cancel, whereas a link is a… link

Dude, stop whining and hit the lab.

But then you’d still have to learn how the timing to link cr.LK because you can’t cancel a chained normal into a special move.

Less time complaining how hard execution is and more time in training mode, playing actual matches, and developing the other fundamental skills needed to do well in this game.

nah training isn’t doing it for me, i feel i’m not getting any better… its like i’m unable to progress in this goddam game

well sure i’ll keep practicing but at a much slower pace, this way i wont get peeved to the point of wanting to smash the damn fightpad against the f* wall

FYI: It’s a good idea to take a break every now and then. I take a 2-4 week break from MvC2, and when I come back, I’m typically a lot better. There is such a thing as over-practicing.



You totally can be that bad compared to people that have been playing Street Fighter for 1, 2, 5, 10 or more years. The game doesn’t randomly drop links or whatever you seem to think it does, you just haven’t done them enough to be consistent.