Cannot re-download my XBL UMK3


So I got a new Xbox and recovered my Gamertag. I’ve also been able to re-download all of the games I purchased with the exception of UMK3 which does not exist for some reason. Now I did some research and learned that UMK3 was pulled from XBL in 2006 and put back up in 2007. I downloaded my copy in 2009 yet I can’t find it for re-download. Is there any way for me to redeem my purchased copy?


you gotta do it the through your account, not the store on XBL.

First, log into your account.

Second, hit the guide button on your 360 pad, go all the way to the right, at settings, then select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT.

Third, go down to DOWNLOAD HISTORY, hit A.

Lastly, travel down all your purchases and find the UMK3 purchase and hit A. Then select DOWNLOAD AGAIN, and your done.