Cannot select the LP+MK+HP colors

So, according to the palette guide in the game, the LP+MK+HP colors are part of the default colors. However, whenever I press the buttons for this color, I get the HK color instead. I tried it for the 2nd Impact palette as well for the same problem. Apparently beating the game with the character you want that palette for doesn’t help, either.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this another bug?

Doing it wrong I guess, it worked all the time for me

Uh, works just fine? You need to work on your execution, it takes some time to get down but once you get used to it, totally worth it.

That’s how godlike this game is, you even need good execution at the character select screen

Are you using a stick where the button layout is different than standard? I think the game needs you to select these costumes with X + B + RB on Xbox and squarre + X + R1 on PS3 until you set your buttons or w/e. Some shit like that. You’re getting the HK color because if you select your character with multiple buttons, other than the pre-assigned three button color, you get HK.

That must be it: it was like that for Anniversary Collection as well, IIRC.

Thank you very much! I’ll try that when I get back from work this afternoon.

Remember that the game doesn’t swap the default controls in the character select screen if you remap your buttons. That is, X is still LP and R2 is still HK, and so forth. It’s stupid, but just needs some getting used to. Obviously, if you stick has some kind of ghetto button layout, it’s going to cause more issues.

That’s retarded. The colors need to be tied to jab strong fierce, short forward roundhouse regardless of button mapping. WTF.

Works every time for me.

It works, it just depends on which way your buttons are mapped. For me, the seventh color works with LowPunch+MediumKick+HighKick (not HighPunch as you’d expect). It’s stupid.

So, was there a stealth patch or something? Suddenly color selection works properly for me and I didn’t change anything.

If there was, THANK YOU Capcom.

You believed in yourself.