Canonwise, are the date of birth of the Street Fighters still valid?

Am I the only one who noticed that only the original 16 SF2 characters have birth dates?

Capcom wrote some interesting stuff about their (the original 16, which inlcused the SSF2T additions) bios, inluding likes and dislikes, Bust-Waist-Hip measurements, height, weight, etc.

SFA came along, and Capcom also created bios for its cast, only that, their birth dates are no longer stated but everthing else is still present?

Do you think it’s intentional to make the characters ageless?

For example, if we take Ryu’s birth year (1964) as canon, then that would mean he’s now 41, pretty much an unappealing character of Capcom will stick in the canon.

The PLOT GUIDE still considers the dates as canon, and even stated the actual years that the SF tournaments were held.

I wonder how Udon will take the timeline gap of SF2 and SF3 when they move in to the latter.

I really don’t think the birth YEARS are canon anymore. Removing them allows SF to be timeless.

I think Udon is shortening the gap between SF2 and SF3, because Yun and Yang were seen in the Alpha arc and they were about 13 or so.
The gap between the games really shouldn’t be that long, and I disagree with the games taking place in certain years.

I think the tournament should be an annual one, and Alpha should take place in between them. SFIII should logically have a leap in time, but not a drastic one, five years or so.

I believe that they are still very much valid. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times during the release of SF3 and it’s follow-ups that Ryu and Ken are both in their 30’s at the time.

Plus the aging process makes sense. Ken and Ryu were just teenagers when they entered the SF1 Tournament. And by the time they are in their 30’s, they’ve become significantly more powerful. Not to mention Ken’s character progression:
SFA = Meets Eliza
SFA2 = Dating Eliza
SFA3 = Dating Eliza
SF2 = Marries Eliza
SF3 = Has child with Eliza
If they were supposed to remain ageless why have that story progression at all…why not just have Ken eternally dating Eliza.

On a side note, maybe now people will understand why more SFA and SF2 characters didn’t make the cut for SF3…most of them were old.

Just thought I’d mention looking at that list, the events of Alpha were completely replaced by Alpha 2 so Alpha Warrior’s Dreams never actually happened. Eliza timeline can still work though.

Alpha doesn’t count, its not canon. Capcom states that Alpha really wasn’t what they wanted, so it simply doesn’t exist. SFA2 however, is canon.

Check out the Canon plot line.

I didnt mean to say they were ageless as in dont have ages. But if Capcom eliminates the birth years the characters wont age outside of the games.

Its fuckin stupid because by the time SF4 rolls around Ryu will be fuckin 70.
How come in the latest bios Capcom doenst print the birth years???

eg. Look at the Capcom Fighting Jam bios and they list the birthdates but not years.

Alpha series only took place from 1988 to 1990. Ryu would only be 26 in Alpha 3.

Cammy, Sakura, Karin and all the other dolls were 16 in Alpha 3 and I guess the same applies here.

If Yun and Yang are 18 in New Generation/Second Impact, that would make them 10 in Alpha 3. In the comic, they look 10 years old as well.

Ryu’s only 35 in Third Strike anyway.

Just in case you didn’t know

Street Fighter 1 - 1987
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 1988
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 1990
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 1993
Street Fighter 3:Second Impact - 1998
Street Fighter 3:Third Strike - 1999

Ryu and Ken were in their 20’s when SF1 took place, plus of the two of them Ryu was the only one that entered the the SF1 tournament in Thailand. Ken entered the US Martial Arts Championship in America while Ryu was in Thailand involved in SF1 (although Ken made it back to Japan before Ryu did)

Oddly the only Birthdate they kept in the CFJ Bios for an SF character was that of Chun-Li’s and she kept the same Birthday, that of 3/1/1968. But the CFJ Bios are a bit on the strange side, there’s different information for everybody. Even if they had birthdates for every character they couldn’t list them, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Sakura and Karin would be Adults for one if they are hanging with SF3 characters.

But CFJ is far from canon anyway, just like all of the other crossovers.

Under me and vasili10’s Bio/Quotes Translation Faq under my Gamefaqs name SRKSANO, you can check the CFJ Bios translated by vasili10 along with character to character quotes also translated by vasili10 and some Ingrid information too.

I reckon the birthdates are still cannon. Assuming SF4 does come out around 2008, that’ll place Ryu and Ken in their 40s. Don’t think that makes them too old to fight if you consider Gen, Akuma and even Oro. So I reckon for now they still hold weight.

You know, it’s possible to set a game before the time of its release :confused:

I don’t think the Udon comics are keeping the same birthdates for everyone, they must have jumped ahead about 10-15 years, because if the first 14 issues are based around the Alpha story, which in the games was meant to be 87-90, they wouldn’t be checking their email in internet cafes and using modern mobile/cell phones like they do in the comics. I like the way that they’ve updated the story, it keeps it fresh and modern.

As above, it’s probably just Udon trying to appeal to a wider audience. Computers and what not just make it more realistic for us lot these days. A ton of stories have gone through changes to make them modernised, but the core factor remains.

I don’t think the timeline is that effective in the comics. It just gives Udon a little more room to do some extra stuff without having to stick so close to a proper time line. Not to mention it’d get boring if we were reading fillers for a 5 year gap for example.

I don’t think the timeline is effective at all, the Psycho Drive was made in the 80’s ?
I don’t think so Tim.

Yes, which is what I’ve always felt. I mean Third Strike takes place in 1998 (with Rival Schools following in 1999, and Project Justice in 2000) so the latest SF4 should happen should be like 2005, ie sometime between 2001-2005 would probaly work best.

People could shoot beams of energy out of their hands in the 90s? I don’t think so Tom!

Trying to put our world and timeline onto a fictional one is retarded. If they were shooting for accuracy, you’d see references to real life events and personalities. The only thing thats even close to tha tis Gorbachev showing up in Zangief’s ending. Basically they can put whatever year they want for their game, and put whatever technology then want there. Comic books have a pretty hazy timeline usually in general. Psylocke should be what, 80 now? I don’t think so…

lol Check Oro’s. How is he able to survive for 100 years?

His story was him not dying until he could pass on his knowldge or something. And Ryu will be the one to take it on, so he’ll probably die once he’s fulfilled his duties. But hey, at least he’s very healthy for someone in his 100’s.