Can't Afford Health Insurance: The Firebrand Survival Thread



We need a thread on survival strategies since Firebrand usually dies in one combo. Mostly what I mean is that we should consolidate certain moves in the game that give Firebrand trouble and can spell death for him.

I hope everyone can provide tips on how to keep Firebrand alive with safe approaches, what moves his projectiles lose to, and what moves flat-out beat Bon Voyage. So we can be wary of these moves if our opponents are keen on repeatedly using them in neutral and outside of combos.

So far from my observations, these typical moves beat Firebrand’s Bon Voyage pretty consistently.

Wolverine’s Dive Kick
Trish’s Dive Kick
Doom’s Foot Dive
Spiderman’s Spider Sting (nearly invincible)
Nemesis’ Launcher
Hulk’s Standing H
Sentinel’s Launcher
Dormmamu’s Launcher
Zero’s Jumping H
Captain America’s Shield Slash
Morrigan’s Shell Kick (very high priority)
Hawkeyes Jumping H (The bow is a multi-hitting attack that shields Hawkeye’s hurtbox)
Dante’s Hammer
Vergil’s Rising Sun
Dante’s Launcher
Taskmaster’s Jumping M.
Chris’ Flame Thrower
Jill’s Sommersalt
Skrull’s Meteor Smash.


I find firebrand can out keepaway doom because of his air superiority and his fireball, if he doesn’t use assists. Air bon voyage is safer.

I think on the way down from the cling your punishable, and you are vulnerable to easy crossups.

Hulk has too much armor for me. His Gamma charge beats me out too.


Armor…Firebrand…with his muti-hitting grab option selects…and Bon Voyage avoiding armor altogether…Add up does not.


Well gamma charge straight up beats me out. The H into launch I can deal with easy. If I bon voyage on the ground and the person is knowledgeable enough they punish. It’s safe in the air correct? I’m also getting really outranged in the air. And hulk can get a combo at almost any height like firebrand can so that’s a problem.