Can't Be Helped: Son Kills and Rapes Mom


Whatever is wrong with this guy is no small thing.


That whole scenario just makes me sad for all involved. :\



Don’t even want to try to make a pun to this one. This kid’s description of himself is pretty spot on.


Wow…damn…well at least he’s self aware enough to acknowledge that he’s a vile human being and deserves to be put away for what he did. But just…fuck man. Just when you think nothing can surprise you anymore. :confused:


he will be used as currency in prison


After reading what he did to her corpse (specifically about her brain), and looking at his picture for a bit, I feel a need to crawl under my desk for a while.


That’s one sick motherfucker.


He should discontinue living. He doesn’t need to be in this world any longer.


Sentenced to life in prison, WTF?!

Is he from one of your states that doesn’t believe in death penalty?


@AmazingFunbags you dirty bastard.


He is about to meet a world of vile and disgusting human beings in prison. Being raped will be the least of his worries.


The face of true evil folks.


I don’t know what to say…

Life in prison at the age of eighteen is a long time.


This motherfucker…


Sick fuck, pulling skullduggery like this on one’s own mother is just ugh. Just looking at the creep’s picture is making my brain rattle.


Unfortunately that is highly likely. Here goes about 70 years of tax dollars down the drain.

Just fucking firing squad the guy.


I see what you did there. cleverly appropiate.


Corpus Christi is in Texas. Why he wasn’t executed is beyond me.


His face says it all, he’s a sick guy, he’s a monster, I want him to rot in prison and I hope he gets raped and mentally destroyed by the people inside.


Something something mother fucker.
Something something mom being scatter brained.
Something something kid should get got.

Something something I’m sad now.