Can't beat Chun huh? Yeah you would beat Chun. Think I'll stick to Oro

I seriously made this couple days ago without being prompted by any Oro Chun depressions.

Cool for more unprompted and relevant stories “doods I played in Japan” from aku though. Forgot to say, his SA2 Akuma was, Japanese man version of blackuma… stinky must included? Maybe he teamed with Blackuma for SBO quals…

Source you probably want to see:
compare my work, how was I so inspired, why would you do this - that sort thing


Now if you’re sick of these, I think I am too. There is but one left to finish. Chun again actually for all them Chun fans with another character!

Can’t tell if this is a jab at me or what.

No. I enjoyed your stories with Japan players. There’s like no thread for you to just talk about that. Maybe there’s an old thread you already did, that you can link me?

Much like an old Japan players thread on SRK here, Watson chimes in about that Claw player who doesn’t give one inch. “Playing that match was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, everybody in Japan hates that guy.”

Ah okay. I can’t tell with you sometimes. lol

Somebody made a thread about Japan stories, actually. It’s pretty deep in the main section of the 3S forum though, you’ll have to go back a few pages. Try to find it if you can, there are some interesting stories from guys like pherai, fran, ryan, etc


Yeah, sorry the thread title does sound like a continuation and call out. It was just written that way for lack of a better one at the time. Maybe: “Oro and Chun, B.F.F.s” could be better, though he frowns all the way.

“Disgusting pig chun-li cosplayers” -SesshaZL?

Chucks? Definitely gotta wear the boots.

Hahahah thats awesome great work

Ryu’s bag is fixed!

  • Iron Galaxy hax’d it in!

But I like being beat by a strong fisted Asian women with dead father issues and tree trunk thighs.

Still such a hot shot.

How did that Oro player get banned?

The one left with a Chun was used for Dander Team Tournament. I guess I can reveal that now.