Can't beat first opponent on Easiest mode (keyboard)

Most of these help threads seem to be directed towards people with pads or joysticks or whatever they are called. However I am on a keyboard so does anyone have a keyboard-specific help thread I can be re-directed to? Or just post with some general advice on how to play with the keyboard. I read this one guide to beat the game on Easiest by just hitting Hard Kick, but the opponent constantly hits me and sometimes Ultras (which I don’t think should be allowed on Easiest :sad:). Why did they make the Easiest mode so hard even for noobs? I even attempted to record my gameplay but I’m trying to figure out the record settings since a 2 minute video comes out to be like 2GB in size so it takes forever to upload on my slow internet.

If you are gonna record your matches, I suggest WeGame ( Reasonable video size and it doesn’t encode while your playing which causes lag like fraps.

If you’re having trouble getting out specials/supers/ultras, it may be because your keyboard has a key limit that’s too low for you. Honestly, I would recommend you run to the store and pick up a cheap USB gamepad, but that’s not what this thread is about. Try going through the trials and whatnot to make sure you’ve got your character of choice down before you head to Arcade.

Well, I could consider the gamepad. Do you have any brand suggestions? What about an arcade stick for PC? Also, won’t I have to learn all the characters anyway (to unlock the other characters)?

Wow, $150 for a MadCatz FightStick…I wish I could just build my own for cheaper and with the same quality

I myself don’t have any brand suggestions, you may want to look into a stick as well. Less useful for other games but I’ve heard great things about them for Street Fighter. As for unlocking all the chars, I don’t own SSF4 and I don’t know how it works, but I’ll assume you’re right. It’s better to be better at a handful of characters rather than a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I used WeGame to record this, and it came out to a much smaller size. Not sure how great the quality is, though:


You can get a pc 360 controller for like 40 bucks, which is cool because you can use it for a lot of other games too. But, you could get any cheap 20 dollar PC controller and be fine, just don’t expect it to last more than six month or so. As far as the video being 2 GB, you need to encode it with something like Virtualdub, it’ll turn it into 100-200MB instead of 2-3GBs.

As i see it you dont really have a problem doing special moves, just practice a little(you even pulled a cancel from a MP to hadoken at the end of 2nd round against Fuerte), also you should advance on your opponent not letting them push you in the corner, try some jump ins and poke them to death, its not that hard on easiest they dont even block most of the time( i always enjoy random poking them to death).
Dont get pinned down on focusing to perform your super or ultra, i imagine its hard on a keyboard.
Im a begginer myself but i use the analog stick on a pad, so yeah you should defenetly get a pad or a stick for the long run, especialy if you want to play online.
Try some trial challenges with your fav character, see how you doing and practice some cancels abit it becomes muscle memory after a while.
Also if you reach the last boss(Seth) dont miss jump ins because youre gonna eat a pile driver(drove me crazy at first) even on easiest.Good luck :slight_smile:

The entire time I was punching was me trying to do hadoukens lol. The keyboard really is bad so I’m strongly considering an arcade stick at this point

Been Keyboarding since 09 - I got around to buying a Pad about 6 months ago but the ironic thing was that after all my crying when I first got the game and whinged about the Keyboard, I actually greatly prefer it over Pad now. If I use the Pad I can’t even do a BnB combo and I’m not willing to start re-learning now.

Some people may have said some of it already but here’s general tips (BARE IN MIND I PRIMARILY/ONLY USE CHARGE CHARACTERS - I see you playing as Ryu - I presume you’re thinking of the QC Motion characters so some may or may not apply to you).

** First and most important rule, configure a comfortable layout for yourself. Keyboards are typically big (Bigger than a Fightstick in some cases) which leaves a lot of space for you to position your hands. Make sure you bind your buttons so they are comfortable, easy to reach and are not buttons that can cause StickyKey Locks, trigger Background Applications etc

My layout is as follows (Just suits me better)

NUMPAD4/5/6 - Left, Down, Right
NUMPAD7 - Throw
PAGEUP - Taunt
SPACEBAR - Focus Attack
A,S,D,F - LP,MP,FP,3xP
Z,X,C,V - LK,MK,FK,3xK

Now, only one button in the list can cause an issue and that is my chosen throw button - In some rare cases I’ve accidentally hit NumLock, which turns off NUMPAD and renders my unable to move. In addition, I may sometimes accidentally hit “HOME” which opens up the GFWL HUD and hinders/halts gameplay.

Avoid awkward buttons like this.

On top of that, most Keyboards (Non-Gaming Keyboards) Lock you Out or refuse to response if X amount of Keys are held down at once (Most PC’s will play an internal pinging/beep sound from the Tower if this is the case. If you don’t have a gaming KeyBoard, just try avoid pressing too much.


Charge moves speak for themselves - I’m a Balrog player and I have no issues with his moves, combos or movement. This is different for QuarterCircle / Circle motion, however, though I know one or two Keyboard players who play EXCEPTIONALLY NASTY as Shoto characters and look/play as if they have a Pad/Stick so it’s definately possible with practice.

When it comes to Hadokens and the likes, get the idea of half-circles out of your head. I find that instead of going Down,Downforward,Forward,Punch, you’re best bet is simply to go Down,Forward,Punch in a slow motion - If you go pressing the buttons fast you could get anything so be deliberate. SRK would be Forward, Down, Forward,Punch - Again, I don’t play Shoto’s so this may or may not be helpful, just saying what seemed to work better for me on the (1%) of time in the year I played anything other than a charge character.


I’m sure it’s rare (VERY VERY RARE) but some people out there may not even have an interest in competative/online play and would primarily stick to Arcade Mode just to kick someone around a bit for 30mins of fun.

When I’m looking for Matches via Arcade Req I put the Rounds to 7 and up Difficulty to MAX. You can use it for practice though here is the problem - The CPU is scripted to react to what you do, making it impossible to learn any character specifics, just your own execution and awareness.

Most CPU characters (Fei Long, Ryu, Cammy etc) are scripted to throw out random Ultras but most notably wakeup Ultras, so be mindful of what you throw out. It’s also common for some characters to instantly react to a three-frame JAB from my Boxer with an Ultra CounterHit, just to give an example. A Ryu will instantly punish a jump the second your feet go one pixel off the ground with a SRK.Thats all well and good, but this can be abused heavily in your favour and every character/CPU has an exploitable weakness.

Abel - Abel will roll for no reason when you are at midscreen - I can beat him on Max Difficulty with the Throw Button alone, often for a Perfect.
Blanka does little/nothing other than Focus Attacks - The funny thing is, he (and most of the cast) will try to focus absorb armor breaking moves… All day. I spam Torpedo Punch for 100% of the fight for easy wins. This also applies to CViper (Though she reacts to some moves with Counter Ultra), Guile, Gen and many others.
Like most characters, Dan loves to throw out instant AA on jump… Even if you jumped clean over him making the SRK whiff, leading to a free throw. You can abuse this all day. Also works on Dhalsim who will spam a whiff move if you jump over him on wakeup, throw him, repeat.

The least of your worries is the CPU on any difficulty - Just focus on getting comfortable with your controller and it’ll all come to you in time. I HEAVILY suggest avoiding all Online play until you are happy with your own abilities.