Can't Beat Ken


I love 3rd Strike, but I hate hate hate Ken. I can’t face him that well, he always hyper-aggros me and gets me with his 5 billion hit confirms into SA3. I shouldn’t be as salty as I am right now, but I really don’t know how to face him without ripping my hair out.

I play Akuma and I’m learning Makoto. What should I be doing against Ken? Should I pick someone up to counter Ken? What’s my option, here? I’m a bit stumped. I don’t know how to get in on Ken without taking a billion hits of damage from anything he does.


Show video.


Would a Fightcade replay count? If not I can try and record one.



The root of the problem is in your explanation.

“I play Akuma and I’m learning Makoto.”

It should be:

“I’m learning Third Strike and I’m starting with Akuma.”


I didn’t even watch a whole round but, idk if you can’t do a fireball motion or not because of the whiffed st.hp
You also didn’t punish ken’s swep
don’t rely so much on hard reads, like random super, into tatsu without knowing if the tatsu will hit, especially if the opponent is crouching.
if you’re at the point that your lk tatsu whiffs, I guess it’s ok to risk shit and do a shoryu, but it would be way more safer to not do it. Not that you’re even supposed to do stuff after whiffed tatsu, since a good opponent would punish you for it


Try stepping up your footsies game.