Cant Beat Shoto Spam with Bison

There has got be a better counter than ‘wait for it to whiff’ How mnay times have u seen daigo whiff an uppercut? whats more ryus uppercut has such good recovery even if it whiffs I barely get in.

Uppercut spam= invisible frames on repeat which Bison has no answer to. The moves are incibilirt on repeat and probably should be classified as cheating.

This is where i gets real fucking stupid, so they whiff one uppercut. I throw them… i wait for the uppercut again… they jump in and mindfuck me bison has shit anti air as well

THEN they start throwing Uppercut=free hit upperccut counted, then you get thrown because your blocking

uppercut uppercut, throw, throw

Mixed up, how the fuck am I meant to rush anyone down with Bison when I get hit with a 1/4 of my health gone to an uppercut for daring to touch the light kick button. I can smash anyone without a uppercut, but since everyone is ryu and sagat and ken online I lose all the time to uppercut help.

if 'waiting for someone else to stuff up badly and make a mistake; is the only hard counter to the invcible uppercut I walk away from this unbalanced crap right now.

he can even uppercut me out of my ultra for fuck sake, talk about ridiculous, maybe I should try doing psycho crusher againt sagats ultra rofl so effn stupid the balence of this game

  1. Stop playing online.
  2. Stop playing this shitty game.
  3. Devil’s Reverse beats uppercuts if that’s the ONLY move they do. You fly torward them, they uppercut, you press P, and dodge the uppercut and nail them.
  4. Learn to tech throws.
  5. Stop playing this shitty game.

Press HK… It’s one of the most godlike normal AA moves in the game.

Yeah, block and punish.

Yeah cause everyone you face is as good as Daigo, right? With Bison, its not hard to punish an SRK…slide if you dont have a charge.

Its your fault, not the games fault so dont give us the whole wahh wahhh this games not balanced. I know this is the noob forum but this clowns been fucking up the Bison boards for a while now.

so 21 sagats in the top 50 and none of 50% of the other characters is a balenced game

"wahh wahhh this games not balanced. "

you sir are a dumbass eat ma poo

Remember kids, when you can’t figure out how to counter a tactic, you can just blame it on game imbalance.

Don’t do random Ultras?

If you wanna beat SRK just use EX HS… that shit rapes pretty much anything.

… If you want help don’t act like a dick. Coming from a person that’s just whined about SRK so badly, turning around saying that just really makes you look like a twat.

Nobody’s calmed this guy down yet? When I first saw this thread I was like “why are there so many Bison noobs now?” but then I saw who the OP was. You can legitimately be new to the game, but stop crying and whining about everything. Saying a game isn’t balanced because YOU don’t know what to do against it is dumb. Are DPs frustrating every once in a while? Yeah, but a large part of the time that a person gets hit by them is because of their own stupidity.

Jump in on Ryu? You deserve to be DP’d. Drop a combo? You deserve to be DP’d. Why? Because, you can easily insert “gaps” into your combos if you aren’t good at execution and punish a DP every single time it comes out. Are there moments of BS where you do cr. short and then get DP’d right after? Yeah, but that’s just part of the game. Also, stop doing Ultra unless it’s off crumple or j. mp x 2. Bison’s is one of the slowest in the game IIRC.

You’re right. You can’t argue with facts right?
This game is unbalanced. Therefore, you have two options.

  1. Stop playing it.
  2. Suck it up and deal with it.
    Too bad a top level Bison player has NEVER beaten a top level Sagat.

I have a genuine question for you, dude: Why do you play Bison? Your activity on SRK makes you sound like you’re burdened with being forced to play Bison. You talk like he’s Dan-tier. And any suggestion that, you know, maybe you need to just practice the game more gets met with hostility.

So … why do you play Bison?

EDIT: Welp. No tips for him.

The fact this guy is just posting rickroll links over the forum… Obvious Troll is Obvious.

EDIT: And got hit with the ban hammer. Wasomesauce.

speaking of random ultras, a straight up daigo vs j.wong 3s moment happend yesterday when I tried to chip this ken to death with chun’s ultra and he did ex shoryuken-> ultra, even tho I already touched him…wtf?

Obviously I forgot I was dealing with a retard so let me rephrase this: the game being unbalanced has no affect on you. If you were facing Sagat or Dan, you would still get raped equally as hard. Even if you used Sagat, you would be complaining about how TU isnt unblockable or some stupid shit like that.

Given that your opponent is in the corner of course, otherwise they can easily dash or walk backwards and your EX HS will whiff. Also I’m pretty sure EX HS and DP trade. I’ve had it happen to me before against Ryu, but I think it could be variable depending on how deep your EX HS is before your opponent starts up their DP.

Oh god crimsonARIA, seeing your avatar made me laugh at work.

Ex headstomp beats DP outright and does retarded damage. Whiffed DP? Throw/combo. Also, may I ask what the fuck incibilirt is? Because it sure as hell isn’t a word in the English language.

Pretty sure the only thing special about EX HS is its startup frames … the only way it would beat it outright is if it catches it right after the active frames. That’s usually what happens when you both EX HS and DP simultaneously. If you land on it during his startup, you’ll still trade/lose.

That’s what I meant, as soon as he goes up you can headstomp.

not to mention srk spamming is almost suicidal