Can't beat terrible players on Ranked (AE)

Okay so in Super, I was averaging at around 2000PP, which isnt too bad. But in AE, I am struggling to reach about 1000PP and that’s because in AE, I have never seen so many random, DP/Ultra happy scrubs in all my time playing this game. I think that I am a better player than having to fight all of these terrible players. I wouldnt call them scrubs because they know the fundementals but they don’t use them and even abuse them. For example, yesturday, I fought a 1000PP/BP Rose player and all she done was random spirals. AND I LOST. When I fight good players (like 2500-3000PP players) I normally have close matches and I believe that I should be up there with them but I’m stuck here in the upper 1000PP bracket because all these random players keep beating me. I try the block and punish rule but they seem to catch on and then start constanly throwing. People say to read your opponent but you can’t read someone that is so random that they can do anything at anytime. I just wonder how on earth people are able to to reach the 2000-3000PP bracket without losing to all of these random players online. It seems like this is an ranked-only thing because when I play people offline, they have the respect to actually respect my options, not like ranked where they will DP whenever they feel like it. It is just so annoying!

So what are your thoughts? Do you find it harder to win against these completely random players? Or do you still steamroll right over them? And if so, then HOW???

Stop crying.

Calm cool and collective

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Bait and punish.

If it frustrates you so much, stop playing it. Thats what I did when I got frustrated with Super…

Usually, beating mashers are as easy as baiting Shoryukens…

85% Of those Auto Pilot Scrubs online you can just bait em and punish as Narco said.

But for street fighter its a bitch when you got people mashing threw your links or block strings cause of online lag. Or just the fact that they can mash threw shit period. Shakes Head SFIV

Go to training mode and set the dummy to record. Record everything that people like to use on wakeup. Practice blocking and punishing these. You don’t even need to worry about getting huge damage from punishing it. A good normal will do fine.

Don’t go for any unnecessary risks when you fight online DP-happy players. Read them like a book. They are one of the most transparent player archetypes you can find.


Dont assume points represent actual skill.

if you cant beat them, maybe they arent so terrible afterall

I began 4 days ago :wink: At first, I lost like 100x times. The point is people who whiff shoryukens or not technical in your eyes are not stupid. They can mould a strategy that works for them :wink: Without expirience you can’t win even with the best combos. Another point, the game just began in Europe(I don’t know where you are ), all the professionals and advanced players just began to play and gain pp/bp. Don’t assume automatically that someone is weaker than you based on points :wink:

Honestly, it’s your fault. Everyone needs to get rid of the mentality that they are losing to terrible players. If you are in fact losing to them, what does that make you? I treat online matches the same way, sure I get frusterated when i lose to stupid shit, but at the end of the day, I know it’s my fault. Unless I’m playing on an underwater connection any “scrub” tactics my opponent uses, if I lose to it, I’ll be pissed, but I’ll know it’s my fault. You’ve gotta realize that if you aren’t adjusting, or if you don’t know how to react to certain things, it’s technically your fault. Case in point, you said: " I try the block and punish rule but they seem to catch on and then start constanly throwing." Well, if you see them blocking, start teching. Maybe what you need is to learn technical aspects of the game that’ll put you to the next level. Safe jumps, set-ups, option selects, etc.

can you do this in any online fighting game like for instance sf3/blazblue or just sfiv?

It’s switching between playstyles. They’re beating you because they’re doing unexpected things and throwing you off your game. Good players tend to play a certain way - they’re expecting certain moves at certain times. New players (or players with the right mind games) will throw the unexpected in to trip you up.

This too. In ps3 MvC3 my profile has over 1000 matches with a terrible win record. That’s because I let my brother-in-law use my account to play online. So when I play the account suddenly seems much better than the record would imply.

Reversals aren’t as costly in SF3 compared to SF4. You have parrying for one, so you can keep an offensive playstyle on an opponent who is knocked down. The risk of having anything you do parried by the opponent is what turns down players from mashing DP. Other than that, blockstrings are quick and cleaner to do in SF3. A lot of combos in the game are target or chain combos. Some shotos can easily chain lk, lp, lk, lp, super.

Blazblue… Reversals aren’t as common because you can block in the air and bait one out with airdashes. High damage is dependent on whether you can get in and land a good combo; finish it with a special or Distortion.

Just because people play different or may have learned to win in other ways than you doesnt mean they are bad.

The best method for dealing with people that spam reversal on wake up is safe jumping them. They’ll take the bait every time they see you leave the ground. Punish them hard for it. Frame traps also kill scrubs that like to mash during your block strings. Basically you need to add these things to your game along with some option selects if you want to stop losing to nonsense.

What good is a move? If your good enough to use it your good enough to find a way around it. Input, combos, that’s all beginner shit.

If they consistently mash through your block strings then it’s as simple as stopping the block string early and you get a free combo. If you find yourself losing to mashers it’s because you’re not adapting fast enough, stop and question yourself ‘Why the fuck do I keep doing the same thing and eating EX DP in my face?’ Then stop doing it.