Can't beat Wolverine


Hello everyone. I’m a new Marvel player trying to be competitive. And playing against a good Wolverine ruins me. I use Captain America, Hawkeye, and Nova. He’s just constantly dealing pressure and advance guarding doesn’t help me(He calls an assist when I advance guard and dashes up for more mix ups). Any tips for his berserker slash mix ups. I practice blocking this in training mode but I still get owned. It’s like I can’t press a button.


Cap’s double jump lets you handle this matchup a bit easier. You can jump over his berserker slash with the double jump and then come down with the Anti-Ground Kick. That kick is gonna be your best friend when fighting this matchup.


If you can land a hit, I’d really snap the problem assist. Wolverine is no good coming in, or as an assist. Depending on the assist, like with Vergil (problem character,) Sentinel (problem assist,) etc, it might be worth it to sacrifice a gauranteed kill for a snap.


With that team, get airborne and avoid the advancing guard as much as possible. Wolvie’s are waiting and baiting for it. With Nova you should be able to avoid him entirely, I’m not too sure about Hawkeye (I use Hawkeye but against Wolverine you’re left controlling space rather than hitting him; and you want to hit him hard instead), Cap should be able to take out Wolverine from the air with that one good BOP and then follow through and Shield Slash /Charging Star loop him to death.

I agree with Hi_Im_Nastyy, Cap from the air.


I can’t defeat Wolvie-man
No matter how I try to block him he just wavedashes in again
And even though, I can get above him it’s no use
He just jumps up and his divekick wins out in the end
I block as best as I can
But when I had to go against Beserker Slash I was helpless again
I try again, of course, but this is my pain
I keep my X-Factor saved in reserve just as long as I can


Depends on what assists Wolvie has. Cap can lame out Wolvie for a good amount of time with the right assists. Jump, throw shield, call assists, go for mixup. Jump, double jump, anti ground kick. Jump, double jump back, shield slash. Jump, land, wave dash. Just make it a guessing game. Wolverine is like Cap- they’re both at their strongest when the opinion is on the ground.


Really good advice guys. Thanks a lot. The guy was using Wolverine, Dante, and Vergil. I’ll try my best to do what you guys say. Wolverine is just a character that haunts me. Lol, my first tournament I was eliminated by a wolverine :frowning:


Change your team up


As someone who doesn’t even play marvel anymore, even I know that is a terrible answer.
Do you realize just how many times people would have to change teams because of a bad matchup against a specific character? Infinitely.
Certain characters will always be a problem for certain characters and therefore that mindset would be a fucking mental lightning loop to your gameplan.
Also didn’t you just get into fighting games like a month ago, if memory serves correct, and you only play street fighter? IMO you’re a bit too new to be offering advice, especially on a game you don’t play,


Seems like a legitimate suggestion to me, he thinks counter picking against Wolverine would quell some of the frustration the OP is dealing with.
As for the OP, in my personal experience, if you survive the initial barrage against Wolverine you can formulate strategies.
Try not to fight fire with fire by trying to rush down Wolverine, you might want to play defensive at first by push blocking, projectile spam, keep-away, etc.


Yeah but how do you counter pick wolverine when you don’t know he is being selected? That plan might work in a friendly lobby when your friends shout out “Yo in picking wolverine!” Outside of that though you’ll never know. And trying to counterpick wolverine when there might not even be one could possibly leave him in a worse position. Which is I why I think he shouldn’t just change up the team.


Good point, if he is playing online as opposed to a tournament that prohibits the winner from picking than he is screwed.
Other than that, developing defensive strategies with his main team is the best option.


Counterpicking Wolverine is bad anyway because he’s most scary at the start of the round and pretty much the only character that’s consistently getting away from Wolverine at the beginning of the round is MODOK.