Can't change gate


I recently got a Qanba Q1. I’m trying to take off the stock gate to switch it to the 8way, But the pins are very hard to push in. Is this normal?


On most joysticks it’s going to be like that. Just apply enough pressure to lift up one side of the gate and continue to wiggle it out from there. It should be fine. Do you know if the joystick is a JLF or a qanba stock?


It’s the stock qanba stick


Am I just not applying enough pressure? I’m afraid of breaking it


The tabs aren’t all that difficult to push. Make sure you’re pushing the tab away before you try and pry the gate up. It often helps to either do one side at a time, or two adjacent sides at the same time, to help edge it out.

If you need more help, look up videos on YT to see how it’s done. I suspect you’re either not putting enough pressure, or you’re putting pressure in the wrong direction.


I’m not sure if the Qanba Q1 uses a JLF or a knock-off; if it’s a JLF, it shouldn’t be that hard. If it’s a similar one as the Mad Catz JLF knock-offs used in the SE/TvC/Brawlstick, the stock gate is REALLY hard to take off, because there’s just barely not enough leeway in each of the slots on the gate that clip onto the main joystick body (the black part) to be able to undo 2, then work on the other 2. You kinda have to get all 4 off at the same time, which is near impossible.

I always managed to pop off 2 clips, then I could never pop off the other 2. What I did was pop 2 adjacent clips by about 1mm, wedge something underneath (ie, between the gate and the microswitches) to prevent them from clipping back on, then work on the remaining 2 clips. Eventually, I’d get them off, my fingers would hurt, and I’d sand/grind down the inside of the slot on the gate-piece by about 1/2 mm each so that installation and removal would be easier on subsequent tries.


So my best bet is to either sand down the pins or just replace the stick itself?


He’s talking about the gate where the tabs go. Sand there to make it easier to assemble or disassemble.

As far as the pins go, yeah, check the above advice.


I used an exacto knife on my MCZ JLF knock off to add clearance.


I do two tabs perpendicular to each other at a time and pull them up just a little, hold it in place barely over the tab, then do the other two. It’s been pretty simple for me using that method.


That how I do it.


The JLF gate is easy, it’s the knock offs (or at least the mad catz one) that are a pain.


Just replace it with a proper JLF.


Cool, Thanks guys.