Cant combo on 360 without turbo

Welp, things like target combos are not working for me. Never had an issue on pc. Anything I can do? I also have issue doing parrys. using a madcatz SE with sanwa in it. No issue in AE so idk why I cant do them in 3s. I was sure the input was the same for TCs at the least. I know a lot of others are different.

I used to do this. Turbo is a handicap to be honest. It teaches you how to play with bad habits and teaches you how to play by cheating. Go to training mode and just practice the timing of the combos. Use the in-game sound to physically hear when you should push the buttons and get the timing built into your muscle memory. I don’t know what character you play but Ken’s target combo (MP, HP) to jab srk is a really good character to practice combo timing.

How I broke out of using turbo was practicing (in AE not 3rd strike) jab srk xx fadc to ultra 1 with ryu. when i could do that comfortably, I would pratice the same combo except fadcing into his super hadoken instead of ultra 1. The timing of the super is different than ultra 1 and this really helped me learn combo timing for different characters because I wasn’t just repeating the same timing, I could visually see when i needed to input the command.

Hope this helps.

I figured it out. Besides timing I have to hold the button down slightly longer for it to come out sometimes. I dont have this issue on ae. Not sure what it is. Maybe my stick is dying? But again, no problems in ae or pc.

There is nothing to break out of. I never used turbo till just now. I completed all necro’s trials without turbo just now so, I guess I solved my own problem

Turn the turbo switch off (or better snap it off) and learn how to piano/plink

Hey thats cool how you didnt read anything.

Yeah, controls are definitely different in 3S. For me it seems to be the motions more than the buttonpresses though - like I have to hold the final destination direction for a fraction of a second longer, where in newer games I can hit the button as my stick is approaching the destination and it will work properly. I’m still not quite accustomed to it yet, but it’s getting better. Some basic combos still feel like high execution combos in other games though… lol.

(Edit: I also tried a friends Seimitsu stick w/ an octa gate and had more success with his controls than mine… So yesterday I ended up ordering an octa gate and a Seimitsu spring that I’m going to add to my HRAP V3 SA Sanwa stick (the Seimitsu springs work in Sanwa stick and was recommended to me because they are supposed to be stronger), since that should be close enough to a Seimitsu stick.

Aside from the spring I believe the only difference between the actual Sanwa/Seimitsu stick is the engage/throw are slightly smaller. But I don’t think the engage/throw is what helped me - that was barely noticeable. The gate definitely made the SA motions more comfortable, and the tighter spring made quicker motions easier to perform for me, and the spring also helped a bit with parrys since it returned to netural faster. It feels much closer to what I was accustomed to in the American arcades.

I don’t know if you have the same problems as me, if it’s the stick motions or the actual button presses for you, but if you’d like I can let you know how it goes once my gate/spring get here, it will probably be here tomorrow. )