Cant connect 1 frame links!


Hello there!

Ive been playing SFIV since 2008. Street fighter is the first fighting game I ever bought and playd from capcom. I used to play super smash bros on wii! That game was kinda cool.

Im not a tournament player and have alot of problems with links in SFIV AE . I know how to plink and Im using a fightstick. My problem is I cant connect 1 frame links or whatever you pros are calling it. Yes I can FADC ultra with ryu and ken! And second I play Yun now. I never managed to do advanced combos with ken and ryu either.

Now im playing yun. Im trying to connect this combo with Yun

Crouching LK x2, Standing LP, Standing MP, Lunge Punch

The lunge punch always gets blocked. Im doing everything right but the dummy blocks my lunge punch :(. Everything else connects but that lunge punch always gets blocked. I even tried to do the lunge punch using the negative edge for 5 hours today. But that did not work out either. I feel like quitting SFIV AE forever. Unless you can tell me how to connect those 1 frame annoying links.


I just tried the combo right now. It’s not that hard. I’d say the “hardest part” is linking the lp to Mp…but anyway, you really dont need to use negative edge…and the part youre having trouble is just a basic 2 in 1 link. try practicing far mp -> qcf+lp

if you can do that 2 hit combo, you can do the whole 5 hits

youre just not inputing the qcf+lp quick enough, imo


That’s not a 1f link. Make sure you’re cancelling into mp lunge and not hp lunge.

If you want a really easy combo, then replace the with

Doesn’t get much easier than that.


Its medium lunge punch and not light lunge punch?? I always did light lunge punch and not medium!


you can combo most light and medium versions of alot of characters moves, but sometimes hard versions start up times are too slow to combo.


Who can? Besides one frame links being harder to use it also forces you to try and use a string prematurely at a much higher rate. Better off never bothering with 1 frame links, I still can’t do them when I want. All you have to understand is that its just input for a combo and nothing more, kinda like how I also hate charge characters.


This game is so gay

I do light lunge punch then it gets blocked everytime

I do medium lunge punch and it works now! Because Crouching LK x2, Standing LP, Standing MP, Medium Lunge Punch

Since after standing mp I can just double tap medium botton again and go directly straight into lunge punch instead of double tapping light lunge punch cause when I move my fingers to light lunge punch a second has already gone by. some people says its 2in1. But when you move the fingers its already gone 1 second and the combo will miss. The combo system is gay. But thanks.

Now im gonna learn
Crouching MP x2, Standing MP, Dragon Kick (Nishou Kyaku)

Coming to this thread if I need more help to do the combo!


if you cant cancel medium pokes into light specials then your fingers are gay. don’ t blame the game for your ineptitude. also might be that light punch lunge simpe doesnt combo after medium punch.

also, 2in1 is an old term for cancel, has nothing to do with timing.


Fucking practice…


Im quitting the game. Boring to practice 6 hours each day and getting nowhere!

Happy gaming! Throwing tournament edition fightstick in garbage too while im at it. Never touch a fighting game again!


good bye!

I always have to laugh that despite Capcom’s many attempts to make the inputs and input windows more lenient in SF4, many new players still complain that the game is too hard.

And of course these new players always focus on execution, like it’s the most important skill to develop to become a better player, when in reality skills in blocking, spacing/zoning, mindgames, reactions, and knowledge of the game’s system and your character are just as important, if not more so.


ugh I’m still guilty of that lol… I honestly am still learning about mindgames and reading your opponents moves I’m still too impatient


unfortunately, it’s going to take some practice.


Lol so true. Thank pointless combo videos flooding youtube trying to teach people impractical (But REALLY REALLY cool looking :tup:). It is like learning how to do a 360 dunk without learning how to dribble and drive to the basket.

Seriously get off the combo practice people and learn to actually play the game.


That’s kinda odd how you would mention that when nearly everyone online is more concerned about combos than game play. There’s straight up winning or just getting by. By yeah, combos are pretty annoying in the street fighter series, the input is not meant for beginners.