Can't connect full corkscrew on Alex

For some reason I cant connect all 5 hits on alex after a:

c.RK, FK ducking upper, its just bad timing? do I have to cancel on the first hit? or is it with RK ducking upper?

it doesnt hit most of the time. IIRC, if you wait till he drops a bit after getting launched by c.RH before you do ducking upper, the full cork will connect.

but it doesn’t matter anyway. 1) you will get guaranteed knockdown regardless 2) dmg is pitiful, so you shouldn’t be using corkscrew anyway. waste of meter most of the time. dash up 50/50 on their tech roll.

IMO c.RH->ducking upper->corksrew is worth it.

So your saying what? is better to wait all day for dart shot supers? or use the meter for EX-MGB?

In alex is not a lot of dmg, but c.RH ducking upper super to me is an excellent combo, and its not like dudley has a problem building meter.