Cant Connect Light Punch To Rekka Crouching?



can anyone give me some tips i cant connect the light punch crouching only standing its way easier any tips on landing it ? but basically here are d combos im trying to get cr lk cr lk cr lp cr lp < cr lk cr lp cr lk cr lp ? pleasee help ?? :frowning:

Help on rekkas.

I can get this down about 75% of the time using the Piano method. Which I think is a good return considering the difficulty. So I would do…

:db::lk::lk::d::lp::df::f::mp: (Then finsh the Rekka’s)

It basically involves me rolling the stick from down back and around to forward, whilst strumming :lp: and :mp: with my index and middle fingers.

I wish I’d kept the inputs on this vid, I can try and upload it again when I’m back in town next and not at work. But this is me doing this exact method…


An easier way is to roll the stick while pianoing LP~MP, in the same way you would crMK fireball with Ryu. The drawback is that the first rekka will be MP. Most people don’t even try to punish the first rekka and cannot distinguish between LP and MP rekka.


Lol, great minds think…


Actually Starnab recommended me to get rid of that method but it’s too damn comfortable :slight_smile: In punishes and combos I always use it.


Yeah, I’m comfortable with the outcome if I get tagged, my execution is not one of my strongest points (relativley speaking) so I can use all the help I can get!


thanks u guys ima go try dis out now


but if there are any othe rway to dis let me know :slight_smile:


check here

8th spoiler tag down under EXE


Dude have you asked yourself why it its not as easy as standing rekka? first you need to learn to read frame data, standing lp has 3 frame start up and +5 on hit while cLP has 3 frame start up and +3 on hit, so basically what you are trying to do is a one frame link and since there is no easy way to plink a light punch you just have to practice it and get a feel of it bro. As for me I just negative edge the rekka, if I am right it will combo if not only the light punch comes out or at worse they block a light rekka -4 on block


I always do the LP rekka because in most match ups some characters can punish the first rekka very well with their 3 frame pokes.

The best option that you have is to go to the training room and practise all the time you need