Can't connect to ranked game! =/



Anyone know what the problem might be? I am able to join lobbies and pick a room, but i can’t join ranked or random player games.

says “Unable to connect to host”


same here. It either says that or lost connection to host or something else. I rarely actually get a game in ranked.


go to custom match and click on begin search


I have no problem joining player matches or a player lobby but I cannot connect to a single ranked game. I was wondering if I was the only one and I’m glad I’m not. At least now it might be a server related thing and not just on my side.

What a great idea! We never thought of that! Sarcasm


I forgot to say that where it says skill level or whatever choose any.


I put them all on ANY but i still rarely can connect to ranked or player. I usually make lobbies and just wait for someone to join


Same here. Doesn’t matter what I do. This needs patched.

Someone said its better if you go into training or arcade mode and turn fight requests on.



set language to english under custom search. It’ll still fail, but only like 50% of the time.


Arcade mode nets you tons of matches, and I didn’t know you could fight request in training mode.


Its because the netcode. I sometimes get that message as well. I usually connect about 95% of the time, but 5% of the time I’ll get “Unable to connect to host” or “Connection failed”. I just re-launch ranked and am usually able to get in. The best way is to go to Training mode and turn the Fight Request “On” > Ranked Match. Although it might take some time, it will eventually connect.
Good luck to all who can’t connect to Ranked Match.