Can't create a signature

Well I tried to change my signature today and whenever I do it gets reverted to:

Your signature has been modifed, please read the rules

So I clicked the link and got an error message. I checked out the url and noticed that it had an extra quotation mark and apostrophe which I removed. The link then took me to the “Terms of Service and Rules” page, I read over it and I wasn’t violating any rules.

Any suggestions?

did you look at item 4?

500 characters and 4 lines.

I got the same thing…and I can’t change it back to the way it was.

Yep I said I looked over the rules and saw that I didn’t break any of them, including that one.

Ok should be fixed now, also there is a limit to 1 link also.

Umm, now it’s displaying my signature twice. I checked back and I only have it typed in once. Also you said we’re limited to one link, but my signature has two links (one of which is unwanted).

Same here…

Shits all fucked