Can't decide my UMVC3 team


Hi everyone i’m new here and i need help.Currently my team is (deadpool-ryu-vergil) i thought about switching ryu with chun-li and now i can’t decide should i keep ryu or switch him with chun-li ?


That’s all on your own preference. Try both and see how it fits. Switching character order can change how the whole team functions and might even be better in that specific order.


If it makes you happy then go with it, fighting games aren’t always about winning, you play the game to keep you entertained and happy, so go for chun-li if it feels right for you


If you’re starting out, I’d maybe change it up a little to something like:


Personally I think there are better anchors in the game. If you’re not afraid to try a little harder in terms of learning the characters, you could put Dormmy, Nemesis or Phoenix on anchor. However if you just want results then I guess you could start out with Wesker.


Why do you want to switch out Ryu? Why do you want to pick up Chun Li?


Yeah, this caught my attention as well. Switching Ryu out for Chun-Li is a huge gap between difficulty in execution.


Thanks everyone i thought about and i’m going to keep ryu in my team so here’s another question who would be better at anchor ryu or vergil?
And the reason i thought about switching ryu with chun i kind of feel more comfortable with her and i play as her in other fighting games


It’s…hard to say. Ryu maybe? I don’t know. Could we play a few matches so I can get a feel on how you use your team? I’ll add you if you want.


OK i play on the xbox my ID is haseo900


you guys should add me too, maybe make a lobby?


K i will add you


Aw shit, I’m on the PSN. :confused:


to bad i have MVC3 on ps3 and UMVC3 on xbox even my arcade stick is on xbox


I don’t have Vanilla.


Too bad any way thanks for trying to help me