Cant decide on my battery. need advice

Ive been playing a groove for a while now. My team was A- sak, eagle bison. Recently ive been dissatisfied with my eagle play and think i may be losing some matches because of my lack of skills with him. Anyways Im sticking with sak but in the user slot and bison of couse is gonna anchor. I just cant decide who to really bring to sak and bisons level. I have thought of blanka, cammy, kyo ken, iori Sagat, you name it, ive thought about it. I just cant seem to make a commitment to anyone. O if it matters i cant rc over 30% yet, keep that in mind. But at least i can do the shosho and paint the fence 90% or better. Anyways lets have an A groove battery discussion.

If you’re having problems RCing, then Blanka is out,maybe Ken too.
Cammy doesn’t need RC. She’s a pretty good battery, or anchor. She can hold up against the top tiers better.

Kyo is a good battery. Has all the cc setups he needs(AA,counter hit dp setup, etc). Doesn’t really need RCs. Might have a harder time against the top tiers, but he can still win.

Iori pretty much has the same stuff as Kyo except he can apply a little more pressure with rekkas and fireball. Same cc setups pretty much. Can do pretty good against top tiers.

Sagat is just okay in A. Pretty good battery. Doesn’t require meter to do damage in A. Just work with footsies with him.

Eagle is pretty good battery in A. Pretty decent cc setups. Good RC’s, but doesn’t require them to win. Doesn’t hold up against top tiers too well.

Your best bet is probably Cammy.:bluu:

Think about Hibiki also.
Throw into cc setup. She’s okay against the top tiers. CC reset options.

That’s all i can think of.

I use Guile/Kyo/Ken is who i use for battery’s in A. if you can’t RC, then you might not like kyo. i use him RC or not, somedays i can RC everything, somedays i can’t. I’d say Ken will most likely be best for you but i don’t know your style. Ken has a dp, lk funky kick whiffs to gain meter, gains it FAST. A-Guile isn’t common, but it’s because no one really knows how good he is in A plus everyone copies eachother. Kyo’s my favorite to use from the three (cause RC rekkas), but he isn’t a really solid choice imo than guile and ken, plus 30 percent RC is a bad RC rate.

consider Cammy. Think about Vega and Honda too.

I agree that 30% is horrid. The mas i have now has concave buttons and there stiff as shit. I always seem to catch my fingers on the corners or something. I have a stick coming with convex buttons of course, so maybe thatll make it easier for me. It seems like sagat would still be able to do a hell of a lot of damage in A.

He still has c.Fierce after all, that combined with his other footsies can put someone down quick. Anyways on with the A-battery discussion, carry on!

BTW it doesnt just have to be one of the chars listed above. It can be ANYONE, hell i dont care if its rog. As long as the theeory fighter behind it is sound, ill try it.

you should experiment with A-Guile. BTW Sagat is a solid choice too. and Rc is easier , much much much more easier using better equipment, maybe your RC rate will go up a notch. Guile’s pretty easy to use. has Guile strats. He also gains meter easily. His worst matchups imo are Sakura, Blanka, Vega. C.Hp stuffs a lot of stuff as an Anti Air, especially when it’s fully extended, and is really good too for Anti Airs. Guile does pretty good against bison too.

I’d say A Rolento. He’s a great battery IMO. BTW, how do you shosho and paint 90% of the time? I can only get that shit down at best at 55% of the time by buffering. What methods do you do to do it? I’d also like to say my stick has a competition in it if that helps any.


Good AA, long range pokes with good priority. Air throw options.
Good zoning, has an AA CC setup if its needed,RC rolling claw is good. Overall pretty solid for A as battery.

All the CC setups he needs(AA, ground, jump in) Good AA’s, pretty good mixup game, pretty decent RC’s, decent zoning. The only bad thing is he takes alot of damage too easily.

Pretty much the same thing as Akuma, except he doesn’t take damage as easily, and his mixup game is a little less solid.

Really solid AA, cc setups are okay but she’s only needed to build meter in A. Pretty good keep away. Air to air attack with jumping Rh is always good. Her trip comes out decently fast.

All around cc setups. Short funky kick to build meter(a little better with RC, but not required). Counters blocked blanka ball with forward+RH if u block it high. Jab dp is invisible. Pretty solid battery.

Blocked Blanka ball cc setup, good RCs, good ground game so he can build meter fast. His pokes have good priority. Pretty solid character.

RC headbutt. Pokes have good priority. Good AA’s. But since u have some problems RCing, u can still go into throw setups, which still make Honda pretty effective.

RC lariet all day(builds meter fast and beats anything,even when its not RC’ed because it comes out in 1 frame iirc)
Counter blocked Blanka ball with st. fierce. Decent throw setups.
Pretty solid.

Good cc setups. St. strong beat Sagat cr. fierce and Blanka ball clean. That charge head ram is invisible in the begining frames. Good RC’s. Throws come out fast. Another solid character.

His dp has good priority. Good cc setups. Pretty good mixups.
eh, he’s okay.

All around cc setups. Good ground game. Pokes have good priority. Pretty decent battery.

Counters blocked Blanka ball.
Pretty strange cc reset option: When u do the fierce knife slash, u can stall it and reset the knife pattern. It happens too fast too notice and u can switch it up whenever u want.(ex:dp+fierce…one slash comes out…dp+fierce x2…the first knife doesn’t come out and this causes the combo to reset.)
Pretty good priority of moves. Pretty good keep away. Pretty solid battery

Good cc. All cc setups:some are harder to setup than others. Good priority overall. COunter/throw mixups. Pretty solid.

Command grab into cc setup. Fierce DP in corner setup. Good pressure. All arpund good character.

sorry but, i’ll list more tomorrow.:slight_smile:

Wow that list is just the kind of thing im looking for pokes. Looking forward to the rest of em ( if you have time of course)

A-Kyo builds good meter, go into Buktooth tip of the day thread, he has a complete list of characters and ranks them 1-10 as either Battery/User/Anchor.
For Batteries I believe Guile was a 11, Honda was a 10, Kyo was an 8, and so on.

RC the shoulder tackle into dp+RH. Good throw mixups. RC rapid kicks also. AA with cr. fierce? i think, into RC rapid kicks is pretty good. Good keep away. Pretty solid battery.

Good pokes with priority. Decent mixups. All around cc setups. Builds meter decently. Does OKAY against top tiers. Pretty solid nonetheless.

Pretty decent mixups. Good priority pokes. Fireballs for pressure. All around cc setups if needed. Good AA. Air throw. Solid enough for battery.

Good priority pokes(st. fierce especially). His AA cc setup is hard to use. Doesn’t exactly gain much from RC’s. Decent enough. But Chun is slightly better.

All around cc setups. Good ground game. Good priority. HCB counters. Decent enough for battery.

All around CC setups. Good AA. Decent poke ranges. Fireball pressure. Decent RC’s. Decent battery.

Can do shoshosho cc. Good RC’s. Decent mixups. All around cc setups. Pretty good battery.

St. strong fireball for pressure. AA cc setup. Pretty good ground game. Decent battery.

Counters blocked Blanka ball with qcf+fierce(the flying one, not the slide). Pretty good pressure. crossup MK is a bitch. Pretty good battery.

Fast AA with st. forward. Good pressure with fireballs(this is excellent against other fireball characters). St. strong and cr. forward beat alot of things. Pretty good battery despite what ppl think.

All around cc setups. Good pressure. Pretty good priority.
I’d probably rank her as good as Chun in this case.

RC grab into CC for free. Good AA. Good pressure.
Pretty decent battery.

RC short run into forward grab through fireballs. Good AA. Good pressure. All around cc setups. Decent battery

Same as Terry but he has the 360 grab for slightly more mixups. Good AA. All around cc setups.

Good RCs. Good mixups/throw setups. Decent cc setups. Good AA.
Pretty decent battery.

All around cc setups. Good AA. Pokes have good priority. Fireballs/fake fireball mixups/pressure. Decent battery.

Why would you need a batery in a groove??- you get meter so damn fast any character can jump around or just mash

to get meter faster. duh!