Can't do any of balrogs moves at all. and no, im not imputing them wrong

I bought AE like a month ago and i wanted to start playing balrog. but literally none of his specials work for me. including his super and ultra. is there really some kind of bullshit exact imput speed for every single move that is somehow different from everyone else’s in the game for balrog? or is my copy of AE literally broken…because its pissed me off quite a lot today. I really want to play this character. and dudley is not an option. hes just a shit version of balrog imo.

also would like to add that i see my character moving back and forth when im trying to dash punch. and if ur ganna try and tell me im not doing it fast enuff i’ve done it fast enuff to were theres no movement. just a fucking hard punch. =/

hold back for 2 seconds first, then forward + punch

yeah, you are

To expand a little on this, Balrog is called a “charge” character. He isn’t the only one who uses this class of inputs (Chun-Li, Guile, Vega etc.).

no need for the scrub tone guise :slight_smile: . I’m sure we take it for granted that we can get his moves to come out (maybe not the right one in my case), but something does usually come out. Just try to make your input look EXACTLY like the ones in the command list. IF you’re having trouble hitting U1 or super consistently, try to use bwd, fwd, HCF 3P . That helps me all the time.

thanks dudes i just woke up to take a piss. im ganna try this in the morning. and its cool man. i expected some trolling this is a forum. haha. i tryed my hardest to prevent any trolling by covering all my bases so i could get answers as soon as possible, but all in all seemed to workout. only had one troll post haha.

“input” doesn’t have an ‘m’.
Just sayin…

i wasnt trolling, from what you wrote, it sounded like you werent charging. Charge moves are the easiest in the game, so if you werent getting his moves out, you had to have not been doing it right. And the only thing you COULD be doing wrong is either not charging, or not pressing forward and punch at the same time.

pretty cool story u got there bro.

and no u werent trolling at allu helped the shit out of me. talkin to the kid that replied to “im not doing it wrong” he wasnt helping just trollin

Don’t put “I’m not doing it wrong” in the title or people will say you are. You post something aggressive and close-minded and people will respond the same.

so how exactly am i supposed to use my charges. cuz from what i can tell in practice mode its extremely obvious when im trying to charge someone haha. the holding down back kinda helps cuz it looks like im turtling. but is there anyway to make it less obvious and effective?

Being allegedly 30 years old and incapable of spelling a 4th grade word is more to worry about than not being able to charge punch with Balrog.


To actually answer your question, there’s a lot you can do to “hide” charges.
doing an attack will keep you in standing position while you hold back, so you don’t walk backwards for example. You can also overlap your charges. What this means is this…

the headbutt is ©D, U+P

well, if you charge down/back, and then hit up/back+punch, you get the headbutt, and you KEEP your back charge, so as soon as you land, you have the back charged, and you can hit f+punch.

duly noted just dont want people to be like…are you doing back forward?..lawl.

Basically, and direction that is away from your opponent counts as a back charge. They look like this :b: or :db:. Once that direction is held for 2 seconds, you press :f: and :p: at the same time. This is a back forward charge attack (Balrogs rush punch). Remember that it is facing away from your opponent so if you switch sides you need to switch the direction of the charge.

The same applies to a down up charge. It starts off with any direction aiming down like this :d: or this :db: or this :df:. You hold that direction for 2 seconds. Then you press :ub: or :u: or :uf: and :p: at the same time. This is a down up charge attack (balrogs headbutt).

You can hide your charge by holding :db: instead of back for a back forward charge attack. This allows you to crouch and not move, which hides your true intentions. You can do the same thing as a down up charge too. Doing the :db: direction allows you to keep your opponent guessing whether or not you are going to do a back forward charge attack or a down up one.

Advanced combos use these techniques to create damaging combos. (A good example would be Balrogs headbutt into ultra).

Good point but people are generally nice around here. Show em some respect and they’ll return the favour.
If you need any more help you can add me on xbox. My gt is Pong Boom.

The idea is, when you pick a charge character, they KNOW youre charging. I Main Guile, there are 2 things you will mostly see guile players do, stand jab like 3 times then sonic boom, this is because the stand jabs keep you in place while you charge, so youre not walking back as you charge, and while holding

to charge, crouching Fierce Punch because it makes him look like hes standing up and lost charge, when he really didnt.

Heres a good Video to learn how to get the most out of charge moves.
The idea applies exactly the same with Balrog

I just wanna comment on that bold part, this will help your game tenfold…

Dont EVER…EVER EVER EVER…think that you as a charge character are fooling anybody as to what you WANT to do lol Playing a charge character means that you WANT to let this move go. The hardest thing you will learn to do, is to NOT press forward and punch at every given opportunity.

…really? So crouch charging is a noob tactic? Obviously you don’t want to do charge attacks all day ere day but that is how you get the charge in the first place. At a basic level crouch charge is a great tool. This thread is done, let it die.

No no, the overall message was to play patient and smart.

I watched a match a while back, it was Dieminion (Guile) vs AquaSilk (Zangief) Where Gief was almost done. He had like 100 HP left at most and Dieminion had a good chunk of health left. So after some Footsies, Gief Jumps in at a PERFECT angle to Flashkick him where it would hit him Cleanly no objection, and as he jumped in i couldnt help thinking (OMFG Why did he jump in so stupidly…FLASH KICK THAT MF!) And Dieminion didnt. and sure as hell, Gief did Ultra 2 RIGHT before he landed, so if guile had done flashkick on reaction to the what seemed like a terrible Jump in, it wouldve costed him the match. But he played it patiently and smart and won. That was my overall idea on that post.

I just put this together really quick for you OP

maybe it can help with some of ur troubles