Can't do Balrog's BNB


c.LPx2~c.LK into HP Headbutt. For some reason, it always ends the combo when I stop jabbing and go into the headbutt. I don’t mash the jabs I try to press it in a coordinated matter to link them, but I always somehow screw up. Could anyone assist me regarding this please?


try harder

no other advice can be given




You’re doing it too too fast. (yes, that is also what she said)
Here is how you start;
cr.lp>cr.lp>, thats it. Don’t concentrate on the headbut just yet.
Try to do this as slow as possible while still connecting. What you’re trying to do here is figuring out the input speed needed.
Once you got this as slow as possible, you got it. You’ll soon realize that you have a lot of time doing this combo. Next thing to throw in there is the headbut.
Don’t try to input up.punch at the same time as the as you’ll drop the light kick. It’s called hit confirm for a reason. you have to press the kick button, see it connect then headbut>Ultra, Super, whathaveyou.

Try harder isn’t the correct answer as that pushes a lot of people to do it faster.
Correct answer is, don’t try so hard :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the responses. It seems like I was doing it too fast.




No, seriously, break it down.

cr. jab x2, cr. short

cr. short, HB


put the dummy on auto block
do the combo
if the cLK and headbutt comes out but was blocked, you did the cLK XX Headbutt too slow
if the cLK comes out but the headbutt doesn’t, you pressed cLK too early


or he forgot to charge long enough! seriously don’t forget that part.


he already said he was trying to do it too fast. Seems issue solved.


Once I turned autoblock on, actually, it turns out I’m doing it too slow. I have no idea how I am. I’m going from down back to up-right/left for the Headbutt motion as well.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you have enough charge. Get a full second of down charge before starting each combo attempt, just to be sure.

  2. Switch the dummy to autoblock. do the c. lp, c. lp, c. lk string, but don’t headbutt yet. If it’s getting blocked, you’re doing it too slow.

  3. Note that you have to cancel c. lk into headbutt, so you have to press up + punch almost immediately after you press the c. lk button. The rhythm of your button presses should be something like: tap, tap, ta-tap.

  4. If the headbutt still isn’t coming out after the c. lk, Try charging down sufficiently, and doing c. lk xx headbutt. If it’s still not coming out or isn’t comboing, that means you’re canceling too late. If you can do c. lk xx headbutt just fine, but can’t do c. lp, c. lp, c. lk xx headbutt, then that means you’re hitting the c. lp > c. lk sequence a bit too fast.

  5. If you’re still having trouble, the first combo in this video is Balrog’s BnB: [media=youtube]yBesh8jq7mY[/media] Listen to the button taps to get an idea of the correct timing.

  6. Practice more. It can take hours, days, or even weeks of practice if you don’t have prior experience with fighting games. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep at it and eventually it will start coming naturally.

Hope this helps. Good luck!